BBSA - 27th Feb 9:46am , City Clubs - 30th Jan 4:24pm , Church Billiards - 28th Feb 12:03pm , DVSA - 28th Feb 4:31pm , MSBA - 25th Feb 2:05pm
Over 55's - 26th Feb 11:56am , RSL - 25th Feb 5:41pm , SBSA - 2nd Feb 2:32pm , VBSA Scores - 28th Feb 12:29pm
2015 Pennant Snooker Season
By: Alan Croft  Fri 26th Dec - 11:11AM

Thank you all for your support - great effort!   61 teams!

Some Fixtures have been revised   - ARS1, ARB, BRS1 and BPS fixtures have been revised on 22.2.2015 due to the withdrawal of Cheltenham BRS1 team. BRS1 was originally a 10 team draw with a bye, it is now an 8 team draw so it has altered drastically and effected the A Res Billiards and A Res Snooker on Monday nights , please download revised fixtures.



Vic 2015 U21 Snooker C'ship
By: Jon Loughron  Fri 2nd Jan - 2:11PM

Open to all players under 21 on January 1st 2015. Seeded Players or 2014 grand finalist may get a bye to second round depending upon numbers. Format to be decided pending entries. Only Current Financial Members of VBSA and Affiliated Associations are eligible to enter this tournament.

Jon Loughron - Tournament Director (m) 0419 109 082   (e)

Venue - Cheltenham Billiards & Snooker Club  Date: Saturday 28th of Feb 2015  Time: 9:30 am 

By Post: Completed Tournament Entry with Appropriate payment by cheque or money order (no cash) - Made out to the VB&SA 

 Address to:  George Hoy  VBSA Treasurer  Unit 36 Excelsior Apartments 93 -103 High St Preston 3072 

Please ensure all cheques made payable to Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association 


Enter by paypal at   and then email with payment reference number

Victorian Director of Referees
By: Alan Croft  Mon 23rd Feb - 3:24PM

The VBSA would like to congratulate Larry Eforgan as the newly appointed Victorian Director of Referees. Larry will be ably assisted by John Ivett as Victorian Representative to the ABSR. Larry will replace Michael D'Silva. The VBSA would like to thank Michael for his service to the game both as a board member and as Victorian Director of Referees.

Guidelines for Rule 14 for D Grade Pennant
By: Larry Eforgan  Sat 21st Feb - 5:41PM

Despite any instructions to the contrary all official rules (as well as all the V.B.S.A. playing conditions) apply to all grades. This includes Section 3 Rule 14 which covers the Foul and a Miss instructions. The rule is to be administered as stated in the rule book. The main issue to remember with this rule in D grade is that all players acting as referees must be fair to all players and to take into consideration the difference in skill of the D grade players, which by definition must be lesser than higher grades. With this in mind and only when in snookered situations, all referees are admonished to be very open in their opinions when assessing genuine attempts at an escape.

When snookers are required to win a frame then a miss cannot be called.

In D grade 90% of the fouls caused by snookers should not be called a miss.

Referees must take into consideration whether the player from any snookered situation has struck intervening balls not on. A miss must be called unless the stroke is beyond the capabilities of the striker.

(A good rule of thumb for this situation is to consider if the snookering ball or balls are closer to the ball on or to the cue ball. If the former is the case then some leniency may be allowed and if the latter, then the escapee has more opportunity to avoid the offending obstruction and it should not be struck.)

Referees must take into consideration whether the player from any snookered situation has hit the stroke with enough force to reach a ball on. A miss must be called unless the stroke is beyond the capabilities of the striker.

The instructions in both the sentences above must be enforced if there is a straight line path from the cue ball to any part of a ball on but can also be ignored by referees if in their opinion the stroke was difficult enough to be beyond the capabilities of the player. An example of this would be if the cue ball was tight to a cushion and the ball on was only able to be struck at its finest edge and was some distance away. Other examples may also apply.

The skill level of the striker in any grade must be taken into account when making a call of Miss but is not a reason to avoid it.

Larry Eforgan. Director of Referees.

Affiliate Team Entries
By: Alan Croft  Mon 19th Jan - 8:56AM

Teams Wanted

Church Billiards - Thurs night handicap Billiards - starts Feb 12, entries close end of Jan

BBSA -  Ballarat Billiards & Snooker - Tues & Thurs nights dates not available yet

DVSA -  Diamond Valley Handicap Snooker - Mon & Tues nights

GBSA - Geelong Billiards & Snooker -  dates not available yet

MSBA - Metropolitan Handicap Snooker - Tues nights - Starts 27th Jan

Over 55's - Handicap Snooker - Friday - start Feb 10th (not confirmed)

RSL - 2 zones, North & Bayside -  Handicap Snooker Thurs nights

SBSA - Southern Handicap Snooker - Tuesday night

Visit their home page via the "Affiliates" link, for contact details or more information

ABSC Anti doping policy
By: Alan Croft  Thu 15th Jan - 1:13PM

ASADA has approved the 2015 ABSC Anti Doping Policy which is effective 1 January 2015. All players should be aware that this policy has been included as a condition of membership and will be included in all tournament entry forms. In particular, the top players (junior and senior) who often represent Australia overseas should ensure they are well informed on this subject.  It is their responsibility to be free of drugs and substances and to know exactly what is prohibited.

Queensland Snooker Open
By: Alan Croft  Fri 26th Dec - 11:05AM

Dr. C Jones Queensland Snooker Open Venue - Bribie Sports Club & Maroochy RSL Club. Starts - Fri 24th Jan.

Under 21 Victorian Snooker Championship
By: Jon Loughron  Tue 16th Dec - 10:41AM

Participants: Ryan Thomerson, Andrew Lang, Emran Ali, Marc Fridamn Callum Murphy & Arthur Lin.

This year’s under 21 competition was played at Cheltenham Snooker and Billiards Club. The number of entries was low with only 6 participants, but that was offset by the fact that the round-robin and finals could be completed in one day. The quality of the snooker by all of the participants was of a high standard, as can be seen by the number of high breaks.

It was a round-robin competition with two frames played in each round. Frames won and aggregate points scored decided the final four. After the round robin the top seeds, Ryan and Arthur, had 9 frames each and were only separated by 4 points on the aggregate score.

The Finalists: 1. Ryan Thomerson 2. Arthur Lin 3. Marc Fridman 4. Emran Ali.

During the Semi Finals, both Ryan and Arthur proved to be very tough to beat, but to their credit Marc and Emran played some excellent snooker to push the top seeds to play their best frames. Arthur had a break of 56 & 46 in his semi against Marc and Ryan was just too consistent for Emran to get a run at him.

So the top seeds made it through to the grand final (best of 5) with Ryan saving his best until last and knocking in breaks of 62 and 44 in the first two frames and going on to win the 2014 Victorian Under 21 Championship 3-0. Congratulations to Ryan, Arthur and to all of the competitors

The VBSA would like to thank Cheltenham Billiards and Snooker Club for once again making their venue available, Neil Allison for providing his services to referee the Semi-final and Grand-final, Michael D’Silva for his support and attendance, and Tony Fridman for his continued help, and support of the VBSA junior and Under 21 program.


Ryan Thomerson: 57, 72, Grand Final 62,44

Arthur Lin:             47, 80, Semi Final   56,46

Marc Fridman:      42

Jon Loughron - Tournament Director

For those that enjoy the 3 ball game
By: Alan Croft  Wed 5th Nov - 2:43PM

Received this from Alistair Macindoe from the Kooyong A Billiards team


What a fantastic night of billiards we had on Wednesday! I had the privilege of refereeing Eric Worsley's match against Simon Fortune.


When Eric arrived, Don Richter suggested that if he could outdo his run of  11 cannons cannons when we played them down at Cheltenham, he would give him a prize.


From the start of the match I could tell that Eric was looking for cannons. After a few minutes' play he got them together on the left side rail opposite the pyramid spot. Regrettably it was awkward cueing, and after about three cannons he had to look for another shot; he played an extremely thin in-off the white nine feet down the cushion to the bottom pocket. It went in like it was radar-controlled!

A little later he got them together on the side rail near the right top pocket, about 30 cm from the top cushion, and I noted to myself that the first cannon occurred when he got to 7. First he nursed them for a while, then he played rocker cannons for the rest of the 29 cannons. Then they turned awkward and he had to break them up. A couple of ordinary shots later he lost position and missed on 68. What a tremendous break!

Later in the match, he got to top of the table; he played floating white for a few turns, and then he did Postman's Knock! He missed on 48, which was a shame. Eric plays a nice all-around game too. The only thing he didn't do was to play the Spot Stroke; of course the current rules prohibit this.

How wonderful to see the complete game played right in front of me! And Don said as much at the supper, where he presented him with the best prize he could rustle up at the time – a new block of chalk (Come on Don is that the best you could summon).

The rest of the evening contained standard billiards for our epoch, with Dave Cosgriff making a lovely 82. The matches were played in a very good spirit; thanks to the small number of teams we are certainly getting to know one-another very well.


Am happy to post items like this providing they reflect an achievment that is a little out of the ordinary. If you have anything that you consider worth posting please send it to

Billiards & Willis Finals
By: Alan Croft  Tue 21st Oct - 10:18AM

Monday Night - B Premier  2x2 Billiards & Snooker - Congratulations Cheltenham 2014 Premiers

Monday Night - C Willis Grand Final at Kings -  Dandenong RSL 1 were defeated by Maccabi 7

Monday night - A Willis - Grand Final at  Brunswick. - Yarraville Tigers 1 were defeated by Brunswick United 7

Monday night - B Willis Grand Final at Cheltenham - Yarraville 3 were defeated by Hit Billiards 7

Monday night - D Willis Grand Final at Kings. - Maccabi Champions 6 were defeated by Kings Kreepers 7

Wednesday Night - A Billiards Grand Final at Yarraville - Yarraville 8  defeated Ballarat 4

Wednesday Night - B Reserve Grand Final at Kings - Cheltenham 7 defeated Bentleigh 4

Wednesday Night - C Reserve Grand Final at Kings - Kings Cubs 4 were defeated by Hit & Run 7

Thank you all for your support in 2014. Congratulations all for competing. The winning teams will have their monogrammed polo shirts and their club photo delivered in the next 2 weeks.

Victorian Billiards Championship
By: Jason Colebrook  Mon 6th Oct - 2:30PM

Final: John Schenck 1074 (128, 95, 85, 69, 61, 54, 45, 42) defeated Rod Nelson 853 (126, 74, 50, 46, 42)

Semi-final results:

John Schenck 870 (91, 81, 72, 69, 64, 57, 40) defeated David Collins 717 (116, 60, 54, 49, 47, 47, 43).

Rod Nelson 693 (132, 54, 41) defeated Jason Colebrook 557 (80, 71, 49, 46, 41).

Victorian Minor Billiards championship: Ryan Bowland 277 defeated Glen Taylor 228 in the final.

Junior Snooker Training Session
By: Alan Croft  Thu 2nd Oct - 9:04AM

On Sunday the 28th of September Cheltenham Billiards and Snooker club had the pleasure of holding a junior snooker training session at thier clubrooms. The day was a great success and was coordinated by Tony Fridman and Jon Loughron.

The VBSA and the juniors were fortunate enough to have the Australian National Head Coach, Paul Thomerson running the 3 hour session. The Juniors that attended were Costa Zygorodimos, Jake Thompson, Mehdi Hendri, Callum Murphy, Heidi Fridman, Marc Fridman and Emran Ali.

The VBSA would like to encourage more juniors to participate in these events so please contact Jon Loughron at the VBSA if you interested in attending future sessions. Times dates and venue of future sessions will be published on the VBSA website when they become available.

2014 VBSA Notice of AGM
By: Kim Ivett  Wed 1st Oct - 12:41AM

Please refer to link below for the Notice of VBSA Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 30th October 2014 at 7.30pm, location Brunswick Club.  Submissions for Agenda items or Notice of Motion to be received by COB Wednesday 15th October 2014, email Secretary at

AGM Notice 

Thank you

Kim Ivett - Secretary

2014 Pot Black Snooker
By: Alan Croft  Mon 29th Sep - 2:21PM

Congratulations Charlie Chafe


2014 Pot Black Champion.


Charlie defeated Adrian Ridley in the final. Results

WPBSA Rules Changes Aug 2014
By: Michael D'Silva  Wed 17th Sep - 3:52PM

Please see attached PDF for recent changes to the rules of snooker and billiards. The PDF will give you a quick overview and a complete copy of the rules may be downloaded from World Snooker's website. A new flowchart to assist with application of the Foul & A Miss rule has also been provided. This is from the Sussex referees' manual, a very handy reference for anyone wanting to learn more about the rules of Billiards and Snooker.

Michael D'Silva

One Day Billiards Ranking Event 2
By: Jason Colebrook  Wed 10th Sep - 8:39AM

David Collins defeated Rod Nelson in the final. In the final of the Plate Peter Politis defeated Jacob Streiff by 1 point.


All Tournament Entries
By: Jason Colebrook  Wed 3rd Sep - 1:24PM

Did you know that you can check whether your tournament entry has been correctly processed,or can check whether you have entered, by clicking on "tournaments" on the main menu and selecting "check entries". Allow a couple of days for your entry to be processed and then check that your name is listed for the tournament.

VBSA By-Law amendments
By: Alan Croft  Wed 3rd Sep - 12:54PM

Please be aware the VBSA By Laws have been amended 03.08.2014 to include ....

Rule 2 - Minimum dress - All leagues
a. The host club's rules for dress on their premises shall be observed by all players in all leagues and visiting supporters.
b. No headwear is permitted to be worn by players or officials at any time during the course of a match. This rule may be varied upon application for religious or medical reasons (providing it is acceptable under a.).

Rule 10 - Player Regulations All leagues

c. Players are permitted to play in any grade in both Premier/Reserve or Willis/Reserve. The VBSA reserve the right to advise any player to play in a higher grade if they are seen to be playing in a grade below their ability. Any player that is perceived to have played in a grade that is below his/her ability may forfeit all frames won.

National 6 red
By: Alan Croft  Sat 30th Aug - 5:30PM

The National 6 Red has been postponed, and will be rescheduled at the Executive meeting of the ABSC in October.

2014 Pennat Season photos and polo shirts
By: Alan Croft  Wed 20th Aug - 2:11PM

Photos and Polo Shirts will be delivered to your club this week.  Any problems please email me

If you wish to purchase a copy of your team photo, or would just like to have a look at the photos that have been taken over the years you will find all relevant information here This page has been added to the archives

Victorian 150-Up Billiards Championship
By: Jason Colebrook  Sat 16th Aug - 12:00PM

John Schenck defeated Jason Colebrook 3-2 in the final.

Saturday Results     

Sunday Results

2014 Victorian Womens Billiards
By: Alan Croft  Thu 31st Jul - 10:41AM
Venue: Brunswick Club

Congratulations Lyndal Ellement 2014 Champion - All results

Billiards Clinic
By: Jason Colebrook  Wed 30th Jul - 8:21AM

The VBSA is offering a billiards clinic ( focused mostly on basic break building strategies) free to members and affiliates. It will be held on Saturday August 23rd at the Yarraville Club, approximately 9.15 am to noon. if you wish to attend please email Jason Colebrook at to confirm your attendance.

2014 Billiards & Willis season
By: Alan Croft  Sun 27th Jul - 9:36AM

Team entries are now closed for this years Billiards and Willis Season. Have received a total of 60 teams so thank you for your support. Unfortunately we had just 2 teams entered for A reserve snooker so that grade will not go ahead. Any questions please email the Score Registrar at

Fixtures are now available

Billiards Ranking Event 1
By: Jason Colebrook  Tue 22nd Jul - 8:59AM

Saturday 9th August, Yarraville Club.

Jason Colebrook defeated Ian Gilbee in the final. In the Plate event Rod Nelson defeated Simon Scerri in the final. Full results below.

Main Event Results    Plate Results  Rankings have been updated.

Victorian 6 red snooker championship
By: Alan Croft  Wed 2nd Jul - 9:26AM

Tournament has been cancelled due to lack of entries

2014 Australian National Snooker
By: Alan Croft  Fri 13th Jun - 8:43AM

The most prestigous event on the Australian calendar with the winner being considered to represent Australia in the IBSF World Mens Snooker Championship in Bangalore, India. At the RACV Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne on the 15th - 17thAugust. All results are on the ABSC site

Proudly sponsored by  Reventon Group -  Excellent Financial & Investment Property Advice

2014 VBSA Season 1 finals
By: Alan Croft  Mon 9th Jun - 9:15AM

In 2014 the VBSA are trying something a little different.

A framed photo of the WINNING TEAM only will be presented to their club. For the WINNERS of the grand final, each player that appeared in the photo will be presented with a monogrammed polo shirt. Both teams have been photographed and photos will be available if you wish to purchase, details of how to purchase photos will be available soon. All players that competed in the Grand Finals were presented a monogrammed hand towel.

Monday Nights

A Reserve Billiards - Ballarat defeated Cheltenham

A Reserve Snooker at AK8 - Brunswick 7 defeated Legends 3.

B Reserve Snooker at Kings - Dandenong RSL 6  were defeated by Dandenong Club Knights 7,

C Reserve Snooker at Kings - Hit and Run 7 defeated  Bentleigh 5. 

D Reserve Snooker at Kings - Fast Eddies 4 were defeated by Maccabi Champions 7

Wednesday nights

A Premier snooker at Yarraville - Brunswick 10 defeated  AK8 8. 

B Premier Snooker at Brunswick - Cheltenham 10 defeated v Yarraville 8.

C Premier Snooker at Cheltenham - Hit on Fire 2 were defeated by Dandenong Club all stars.

Congratulations to all those that competed and thank you from the VBSA Board for making the season a success

Australian National & Open Billiards
By: Alan Croft  Sun 1st Jun - 2:51PM

Congratulations Matthew Bolton (WA) Australian National & Open Billiards Champion. For all results and information please go to the ABSC site

Vic Juniors Under 15 & 18
By: Alan Croft  Mon 26th May - 5:09PM

Victorian Under 15 and under 18 championships were played at Cheltenham - Sunday 25/05/2014
Jake Thompson won both the under 15 and under 18 competition
Marc Fridman was runner up in both divisions.
Costa Zygorodimos  finished third in the Under 18 competition
All games were played in good spirit and the players called their own fouls, which was refreshing from such young players. Matches were very close and the fourth frame in the U18 final finished 62 all and was decided by a black respot. All players played high quality snooker and all proved to be very competent and with continuing coaching, practice and application will become very good players. Thanks to Tony Fridman and John Loughran for their assistance.

Goldfields Open
By: Alan Croft  Tue 20th May - 4:24PM

When : 30th June to the 6th July


Where : Bendigo Stadium,

134 Marong Rd, Bendigo

Final Draw      Schedule

Ticket sales 03 5440 6214  Information

By: Alan Croft  Mon 28th Apr - 7:48AM

2014 Winner - Aaron Mahoney


Thanks to all those that attended and made the tournament a success. Thank you to the Frankston RSL for hosting the event and all those that assisted. Congratulations Mark Dunn the tournament organiser. All results

National Coaching Director
By: Alan Croft  Tue 22nd Apr - 3:07PM

Congratulations Paul Thomerson on your appointment to the position of National Coaching Director. Paul, a level 2 coach and examiner, has a wealth of experience in coaching both juniors and seniors and will be a great asset in the future of billiards & snooker within Australia. Bob Turpin from Queensland, has accepted the role of National Junior Development Officer. Bob has a great record working with juniors and will now assist Paul in the growth of our juniors within Australia.

The juniors are a very important part of our future and without these future champions there is little future for our game.

Both Paul and Bob will be present at the National Junior Academy at Albury in July this year.

(From the ABSC site)

2014 Lance Pannell Classic
By: Alan Croft  Tue 22nd Apr - 3:00PM

Congratulations Steve Mifsud

2014 Lance Pannell Classic Champion

Steve defeated Shawn Budd (NSW) in the final All Results

Thanks to: the Yarraville Club for allowing the use of their great venue. To all those that participated and made the tournament a success. To Colin Patterson, without Colin the tournament would not have happenned. The referees and all those that assisted.

Vic Womens Snooker Championship
By: Kim Ivett  Wed 2nd Apr - 3:32PM


Semi Final Results:
Margaret Gorski d Kolbe Poole 3-2
Emma Babauta d Kathy Howden 3-2

Congratulations to Margaret Gorski 2014 Victorian Women's Champion defeating Emma Babauta 4-2 in a great Final match.

Well done to all Women who participated in a fun championship. Thanks to Tania Ahmet, good job as Tournament Director and also to Jon Loughron as roaming / finals referee.

Victorian Snooker Championship
By: Alan Croft  Wed 2nd Apr - 3:25PM

Congratulations Aaron Mahoney, 2014 Victorian Snooker Champion

Aaron defeated Kurt Dunham in a hard fought final.

All Results

To the Yarraville Club thank you for the use of the billiard room, the support of the staff and management is much appreciated. To all those that competed thank you for making the tournament a success.

To the refereees and organisers congratulations on a job well done.

Snooker coaching break through
By: Alan Croft  Wed 2nd Apr - 9:21AM

Melbourne High School has taken up snooker as a school sport. This is a major initiative for snooker in Melbourne for its recognition in such an established school. Thanks to RACV Club for regularly hosting the Junior and Senior school students with the curriculum created and facilitated by Robby Foldvari. James and Arthur Lin were also instrumental in getting this program up and running.

City of Melbourne
By: Alan Croft  Sun 23rd Mar - 4:53PM

Congratulations Matthew Bolton (WA), 2014 City of Melbourne Champion

Friday May 16th, Round Robin Group Stage played at 7 venues - AK8, Brunswick, Bentleigh, Cheltenham, Dandenong Club, RACV & Yarraville. Some extremely good snooker in the round robin stage with many groups being decided in the final frame. Congratulations Henry Lau with the highest break of 100. Group Results Last 32  Results  Tournament Breaks

Australian Under 21 Snooker C'ship
By: Tania Ahmet  Sun 23rd Mar - 1:56PM

Congratulations Charlie Chafe - 2014 Australian Under 21 Snooker Champion

Held at the Brunswick Club on 10th to the 13th April.

Result:  Group A    Group B    Ladder    High Break


VBSA Memberships
By: Alan Croft  Sun 9th Mar - 10:02AM

Are you a financial member?

It is important that you are as the VBSA carry an insurance policy, if you are not financial then you are NOT covered.

You may check if a player is financial here

There is a list of unfinancial members here   All players MUST be a member before they play a 3rd match or they will lose all points gained. This cannot be reversed if a player then becomes a member. The VBSA allow players the first four weeks of any season to become a member, players MUST be a member prior to play in week 5.

You may pay your membership online at the VBSA shop

If you any enquiries or have paid and do not appear on the financial list please contact the treasurer George Hoy by email

Thank you to all players for your excellent response. Captains please ensure players are financial before they play a third match.

Victorian Masters Snooker Championship
By: Alan Croft  Sun 16th Feb - 12:34PM

Tournament has been postponed to a date to be fixed due to lack of entries

If you wish to enter please do so entry form  date will be published as soon as possible. Current Entries

The winner of this event to will win $750 to go towards travel and accommodation to the 2014 Australia Masters Snooker Championship in Mingara Recreation Club, Tumbi Umbi NSW

Your date of birth must be before 1/1/1974 to be eligible to play this event

Season starts Mon 17th Feb
By: Alan Croft  Tue 11th Feb - 6:49PM

Thank you all for your support, 62 teams in total !  (make that 63 !!!)

Missed a B Premier tem from fast Eddies, please be aware fixture has been updated

Fixtures are now available

2014 Pennant season
By: Alan Croft  Tue 7th Jan - 3:47PM

There are some significant changes to the way the VBSA competition will run.
A Premier & Reserve Grade Snooker: Matches will be timed (no 10 point rule will apply in A grade, A Grade finals will not be timed)

All Premier grades will be played on Wednesday nights, Reserve Grade on Monday nights, this effectively separates the competitions so players that wish to play twice a week may play in any grade (the VBSA reserve the right to refuse players considered to be playing in grades below their ability). By Laws have been revised to accommodate this. Please read: VBSA changes in 2014


2014 Pennant season team entries are now open. Download the team entry form in a word document or a .pdf . The season starts on Monday Feb 17 and Wednesday Feb 19. Team entries will close on Feb 10th. Please organise your teams as early as possible and email.


To assist Clubs/Captains in the selection of your teams a new page has been added to the archives, go to the archives and click last years date you will get all the ladders and player stats for that year. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can download the stats for your club in a pdf

Neil Robertson gets the Triple Crown!!
By: Kim Ivett  Thu 12th Dec - 12:24PM

Huge Congratulations to Victoria's very own World Snooker Champion Neil Robertson on being only the 8th player in history to win the Triple Crown (World Championship 2010, The Masters 2012 and UK Championship 2013) Absolutely fantastic effort, well done Neil!!!! 

By: Ron Cole  Thu 5th Dec - 8:31AM

Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

To the Board members, thank you for your hard work and support in 2013.

To everyone that participated and made 2013 a success, thank you.

Looking forward to a bigger and better 2014. See you all then!

Your team photos have been delivered to your club, please pick them up.

2013 Pot Black Open
By: Tania Ahmet  Tue 12th Nov - 10:41AM

Congratulations to Adrian Ridley winning the 2013 Pot Black Open in Blacktown, NSW, defeating Shawn Budd 4-2 in the final.

Coming off recent form, from the 2013 IBSF World 6 Reds Championships in Ireland .  Where Adrian made the semi finals, going down to the Runner-up Michael Judge.

Snooker Exhibition - Sat 14th Dec only
By: Kim Ivett  Wed 6th Nov - 4:13PM

Come along and support 4 of Victorian's best snooker players (Ryan Thomerson, Kurt Dunham, Paul Thomerson and James Mifsud) mix it up on Sat 14th Dec 2013 at North Brighton Club, 14 Warleigh Grove, North Brighton (9596 6203) (contact Tex 0407 407 524). Time 7.30pm.  Goods on sale as well as Prizes to be won on the night!!!!!!

VBSA Billiards & Willis Finals
By: Alan Croft  Thu 31st Oct - 9:01AM

Thank you all for your participation in 2013. Your support has allowed the VBSA to host another successful year of Snooker & Billiards. The competition has been excellent and the VBSA will continue to strive to improve it. The competition concluded with some hard fought Grand finals:

  • A Premier Billiards - Brunswick 12 defeated Ballarat 0
  • A Willis Snooker - Brunswick Bulls 5  were defeated by AK8 Top Guns 7
  • A Reserve Snooker - AK8 United 4 were defeated by Bentleigh 7
  • B Willis Snooker - Brunswick 7 defeated Dandenong RSL 5
  • B Reserve Snooker - Kings Ball Breakers 7 defeated AK8 Dragons 4
  • C Reserve Snooker - Yarraville Gold 7 defeated Dandenong Club 5
  • D Reserve Snooker - Kings Lethal two 7 defeated Maccabi Champions 6

Congratulations to the winners, commiserations to the defeated and thank you all for your support in 2013.

2013 Australian Open Snooker Winner
By: Kim Ivett  Wed 16th Oct - 2:30PM

Congratulations to Victorian Steve Mifsud - Winner of the recent 2013 Australian Open Snooker Championship, taking the title with a win of 6-3 over Alan McCarthy (NSW). Was a great final and tournament overall. Well done Steve.

Highest Break of 127 went to Victorian Steve Ebejer, great work! 

Also note worthy is that 3 Victorians made the last 4 - Steve Mifsud, Charlie Chafe, Rudy Sulaeman.

Great effort by the Victorians!!!

Victorian Billiards Championship (timed)
By: Jason Colebrook  Sat 28th Sep - 3:19PM

Steve Mifsud wins his 5th Victorian Billiards Championship.

Final score: Steve Mifsud 1189 (104, 83, 66, 45, 71, 108, 55, 58) defeated David Collins 921 (58, 79, 41, 68, 87, 47, 98).

MInor championship Final: Simon Scerri 502 (57) defeated Jacob Streiff 347.

Semi-final results: Steve Mifsud 1167 (84, 50, 119, 80, 63, 91, 46, 237, 54) defeated Ian Gilbee 323 (47). David Collins 815 (54, 42, 60, 59) defeated Rod Nelson 615 (77, 60 unf)

Championship - weekend results.

Minor championship - weekend results.


Billiards Rankings
By: Jason Colebrook  Wed 18th Sep - 10:37AM

Billiards Rankings have been updated after Vic 150 up

Victorian Womens Billiards
By: Kim Ivett  Mon 2nd Sep - 9:27AM

Congratulations Anna Lynch, 2013 Vic Womens Billiards Champion. This is Anna's 11th Title, awesome effort!  Also well done to Lyndal making it into her first Billiards Final, great work.


By: Alan Croft  Tue 27th Aug - 12:09PM

Charlie Chafe made his first 147 at the Red Triangle last Friday (23rd Aug). Congratulations Charlie !!!

2013 VBSA AGM Agenda
By: Kim Ivett  Wed 21st Aug - 5:52PM

Please find below the link to the VBSA AGM Agenda for meeting to be held on Thursday Sept 26th, 2013, 7.30pm at the Brunswick Club.  Would be great to see as many members as possible in attendance.

Special Business;
1) Motion from the Board: that the VBSA adopt the draft constitution that has been displayed on the website.
2) Motion from Carl Watts: that the VBSA reintroduce the handicap snooker tournaments.
3) Agenda item from Tania Ahmet: Junior Program.
4) Agenda item Rick Correnza: Review of current pennant scoring system trial.

Full Agenda

Thank you from Kim - Secretary VBSA

Victorian 6 Reds Championship
By: Tania Ahmet  Tue 20th Aug - 5:07PM

Congratulations to James Mifsud defeating Ben Gorski 4-3 in the final played at Yarraville Club

Highest Break: James Mifsud 65

James will repersent Victoria at Australian 6 Red Snooker Championship, to be held on Thursday 10 October at Mounties, Mt Pritchard NSW..

Thank you to Brendon Lang for running the event.

Victorian 150-up Billiards Championship
By: Jason Colebrook  Mon 19th Aug - 3:01PM

Steve Mifsud defeated Rod Nelson 3-1 in the final. High break Rod Nelson 147.

Saturday results

Sunday Results

Pennant Season Photos
By: Alan Croft  Sat 3rd Aug - 6:05PM

All Season 1 photos have been delivered to your club. Please pick them up as soon as you can.

Thanks to Henry Chetcuti for his assistance

Billiards Ranking Event 2
By: Jason Colebrook  Tue 23rd Jul - 5:46PM

Steve Mifsud defeated David Collins in the final.The plate was won by Rudy Sulaeman. High break 154 (David Collins).

Rankings have been updated.


New VBSA Constitution
By: Jason Colebrook  Sun 21st Jul - 10:27AM

The VBSA's constitution, most of which dates back many years and was last modified in 2007, has become out of date in many areas. In addition recent changes have been made to the legislation which relates to incorporated associations.

A new constitution has been developed. At this year's AGM (date to be announced soon) members will be asked to approve this new constitution. If any member wishes to provide feedback on the new constitution please direct your correspondance to the secretary.

The changes are mostly of an administrative nature, but also they recognise the way the board relates to the membership in the internet age, and recognise changes in legislation.

Australian Masters Games
By: Jason Colebrook  Mon 15th Jul - 4:10PM



National Snooker Championships
By: Tania Ahmet  Wed 10th Jul - 4:28PM

Will be held on 16th-18th August at RACV Club in Melbourne.

Congratulations to Steve Mifsud 2013 Australian Snooker Champion defeating Johl Younger in close match 5-4.
This is Steve 7th Australian Snooker Championship title.

Highest Break: James Mifsud 137


By: Tania Ahmet  Wed 3rd Jul - 12:41PM

Mitchell Australian Junior Billiards & Snooker Championships

Team Victoria missed out on the Final losing to Western Australia.

CONGRATULATIONS Jake Thompson Australian Under 12 Snooker Champion defeating Marc Fridman (VIC) 3-1
CONGRATULATIONS Arthur Lin Australian Under 15 Snooker Champion defeating Hayden Goode (QLD) 4-1, with breaks of  133 & 109
CONGRATULATIONS Arthur Lin Australian Under 18 Snooker Champion defeating Ben Foster (WA) 5-4

Wuxi Wonder!! - Thunder from Down Under!
By: Kim Ivett  Mon 24th Jun - 12:49PM

Congratulations to Neil Robertson who underlined his status as snooker's world number one by beating John Higgins 10-7 in the final of the Wuxi Classic. Neil commented in his interview "To go to Australia as world number one and Wuxi Classic champion is fantastic and hopefully it will help give the tournament in Bendigo extra publicity. A couple of people came over from Australia to watch Vinnie Calabrese and I in this tournament so I want to say thanks to them, and to all the Chinese fans for their support."          Bring on the Goldfield's for Victoria's very own  World's No1 Snooker sensation!


Australian Open Billiards
By: Jason Colebrook  Tue 18th Jun - 9:19AM

In the final Matthew Bolton defeated Sourav Kothari 5 - 3

12 Players made 100 breaks under the baulkline crossing rule during the 150 up championship. 3 players made 150 breaks.

Australian National Billiards

Matthew Bolton 2039 def Michael Pearson 755. Championship high break Matthew Bolton 693. 4 Players made breaks over 200 and 10 players made 100's.

Victorian Snooker Finals
By: Alan Croft  Thu 13th Jun - 12:33PM



Steve Mifsud d Robby Foldvari 5-4

Margaret Gorski d Kathy Howden 3-2

Billiards Ranking Event 2
By: Jason Colebrook  Fri 7th Jun - 8:48PM

Saturday August 10th, Yarraville Club.

Won by Steve Mifsud.

Next ranking event - Victorian 150-up championship, Seprember 14 and 15, Yarraville Club.

2013 Fred Osbourne Snooker Classic
By: Alan Croft  Fri 7th Jun - 3:04PM

Congratulations to Roger Farebrother 2013 Fred Osbourne Memorial Snooker Classic Champion defeating Shawn Budd 4-0

Highest Break: Adrian Ridley 125


Well done to Eddie Simmons and his team for running another successful tournament

Victorian Snooker Championships
By: Alan Croft  Wed 5th Jun - 1:06PM

CONGRATULATIONS STEVE MIFSUD defeating Robby Foldvari 5-4 





The final will be played with a new set of 1G balls and every entrant goes into the draw to win the balls used in the final.

WINNER of the 1G balls was SUMIT KAPOOR

Lance Pannell Classic
By: Alan Croft  Sun 2nd Jun - 12:13PM

Congratulations Adrian Ridley

2013 Champion


Results - Breaks - Report

Thank you all for your support,  a great weekend.

Thanks to Yarravile Club for hosting this excellent event.

Australian National & Open Billiards Championships
By: Alan Croft  Sun 2nd Jun - 12:08PM

Australian Open Billiards Championship semi-finals

Matthew Bolton 5  def Alok Kumar 2

Robby Foldvari 4 vs Sourav Kothari 5


Matthew Bolton 5 def Sourav Kothari 3

Pro-Cup Billiard Balls
By: Jason Colebrook  Fri 31st May - 9:57AM

The new spotted Pro-Cup billiard balls are now recognised for pennant use in VBSA pennant.

For 2013 clubs  may use the new balls or the old balls.

From 2014 only the Pro-Cup balls will be acceptable.

Australia Day in Gloucester!!
By: Paul Cosgriff  Wed 29th May - 8:29PM

NEIL ROBERTSON performed brilliantly in his Qualifying Match for the Wuxi Classic, in China, next month. NEIL defeated Mohammed Khairy 5-0, and, in the second frame, made his 2nd Ranking Event Maximum Clearance - 147!! There were a number of difficult shots including "cannoning" the pink on the side cushion, when potting the brown.

VINNIE CALABRESE then produced his own great performance in defeating Anthony McGill 5-3 and obtaining "a ticket to China". VINNIE hopes to travel early to China, and play in the 1st Asian PTC Event before the Wuxi Classic. This is the best possible start to the new Season on the World Snooker Tour for VINNIE.

In associated news, the 9-times World Women's Champion, REANNE EVANS, has defeated Thepchaya Un-Nooh 5-4 and will travel to China. This is REANNE's first trip there, and many Chinese fans will be delighted with this opportunity to see a Champion Lady Snooker player. REANNE will play her first match in China against NEIL, and VINNIE will play against 4-times World Champion, JOHN HIGGINS.

Aust Snooker Goldfields Open Media Release
By: Kim Ivett  Wed 29th May - 11:10AM

Australia's world snooker tournament, the Australian Snooker Goldfields Open, welcomes eight of the top 16 snooker players in the world and two Australian wild card entrants to play in Bendigo from July 8 to 14. The Australian Snooker Goldfields Open is please to announce, home favourite and world #1 Neil Robertson, will contest along with defending champion and 2013 World Championship finalist Barry Hawkins for the 2013 trophy.

Please see media release for full details.

NEIL is Number 2 in the Rankings!
By: Paul Cosgriff  Thu 9th May - 12:39AM

NEIL ROBERTSON (2013 CHINA OPEN Champion) has had an incredibly successful seaon in 2012/2013 and is at No.2 in the updated World Rankings, only 280 points behind MARK SELBY.

Australian Goldfields Open Champions 2011-STUART BINGHAM & 2012-BARRY HAWKINS are at 6 & 9 respectively. 


1. Mark Selby 2. Neil Robertson 3. Judd Trump 4. Shaun Murphy 5. Stephen Maguire 6. Stuart Bingham 7. Mark Allen 8. Ricky Walden

9. Barry Hawkins 10. Ding Junhui 11. John Higgins 12. Graeme Dott 13. Mark Davis 14. Matthew Stevens 15. Mark J Williams 16. Ali Carter

World Champion RONNIE O'SULLIVAN is at 19 in the Rankings but retains a seeding as Number 2 for any other Event he chooses to enter (and No.1 for next year's World Championship).

JOE PERRY is at 20 and KEN DOHERTY is at 27. STEVE DAVIS is at 51 and JIMMY WHITE is at 55.

RONNIE - The Best Ever!!
By: Paul Cosgriff  Tue 7th May - 7:54PM

RONNIE O'SULLIVAN and BARRY HAWKINS have produced a Final for the Ages! Ronnie triumphed 18-12, but only the Best Player We've Ever Seen could have resisted so well against an inspired Australian Goldfields Open Champion!

The other professionals now understand the level to which they must raise their game to produce incredibly entertaining Snooker that also wins matches.

NEIL ROBERTSON won 10,000 English Pounds & "The BETFAIR Golden Cue" for his break of 143, in the first round loss.


Frankston Masters Invitational Report
By: Michael D'Silva  Tue 7th May - 12:53PM
The Frankston Masters "147" was another unqualified success this year. Once again, 8 of Victoria's most dynamic and attacking players featured in this event. A super job by Mark Dunn, John Van Zanden, Michael Poda and Alan Clews. Looking forward to 2014 already! Please see links for full report and results Director of Referees Michael D'Silva.
BARRY HAWKINS - Brilliant!!
By: Paul Cosgriff  Mon 6th May - 6:28PM

Barry Hawkins, the 2012 Australian Goldfields Open Winner, has produced superb performances here in the Crucible Theatre, in Sheffield. Barry defeated World No. 1, Mark Selby, and then Ding Junhui in the Quarter-Final, both times as a "massive" underdog. After triumphing 17-14 against Ricky Walden in the Semi-Final, Barry has to face the defending Champion, Ronnie O'Sullivan, in the Final.

Ronnie had never trailed in any match this year, and lead 2-0, however, Barry produced his own high-class break-making skills and lead 3-2! Ronnie needed 2 successive centuries to lead 5-3 at the end of the afternoon session. Barry again "stormed" back to reach 7-7, after a break of 133, whereupon Ronnie produced 2 successive centuries again!

Barry was unlucky to lose a black ball game in the final frame of the evening and trails 7-10 overnight.

Billiards Ranking Event 1
By: Jason Colebrook  Sat 4th May - 8:56AM

Steve Mifsud defeated David Collins in the final. Mike Wollin defeated Simon Scerri in the plate final.

A good day was had by all (with the possible exception of the player who went to the wrong venue)!



Entries now being accepted in the VBSA shop for Billiards ranking event 2 - Saturday 10th August at the Yarraville Club.

2013 Scholarship Program
By: Alan Croft  Wed 1st May - 5:04PM

The VBSA is pleased to announce the 2013 Scholarship Program to provide training and development support to Victorian billiards and snooker players who show potential to achieve success at the national and international level.
The Scholarship Program will provide a 7 month scholarship to selected Victorian players who show potential to achieve success at the national and international level. VBSA members are eligible to apply for one of up to five scholarships valued at between $3000 and $4000 for 2013

Please read the about file before you apply. Please submit to the Program Administrator George Hoy by VBSA by 5 pm on Monday 10 June 2013.

Submissions are closed. Recipients will be notified asap.

Alcocks 2013 Vic Masters Invitational Snooker
By: Kim Ivett  Tue 30th Apr - 5:06PM

Come along to the Frankston RSL to view some of Australia's best snooker players challenge it out in the fast and exciting OneForSeven format snooker.  There will firstly be some Juniors that will play on the Friday 3rd May from 6.30pm to qualify for one position in the main event on 5th May. Juniors are John Knis, Arthur Lin, Ben Pottinger and Scott Peel.

The main event held on Sunday 5th May from 10.30am is a great day with plenty of entertaining commentary by the Frankston RSL team. The players in the main event are Steve Mifsud, James Mifsud, Rudy Sulaeman, Adrian Ridley, Ryan Thomerson, Shaun Dalitz and Josh Goski who will be joined by the qualified Junior from above to make the group of 8.

Please refer to flyer for more details.   Enquiries to Event Manager - Mark Dunn 0422 304 052

Highest Competition Breaks
By: Tania Ahmet  Thu 18th Apr - 10:42AM

Well done to Ryan Thomerson (125c) & Arthur Lin (91)  achieving their highest competition break at the 2013 John McKay Australian Under 21 Snooker Championships.

2013 Betfair World Snooker Championships
By: Tania Ahmet  Thu 18th Apr - 10:20AM

It is that time of the year! Starting this Saturday, Ronnie O'Sullivan taking on Marcus Campbell at 7pm AEST.

Our very own Neil Robertson will be to play Robert Milkins on Thursday 25th April at 12.30am AEST and again at 11pm AEST

Billiards Referee Training
By: Michael D'Silva  Mon 15th Apr - 8:51AM

The VBSA requires more Billiards referees. We want to create a group of 4-6 dedicated Billiards referees who will make themselves available for most, if not all, upcoming VIC Billiards events. Candidates will need to be current members of the VBSA, or an affiliated body, and will be required to attend a free rules seminar on Sat, 11 May, 10:30 am to 3:30 pm, venue TBA. Training will be conducted by Michael D'Silva and Henry Chetcuti. If you would like to become a Billiards referee, please register your interest with Michael D'Silva, Victorian Director of Referees, on 0419-898-750 or e-mail:

2013 John McKay Aust U21 Snooker C'ship
By: Alan Croft  Sat 13th Apr - 1:56PM

After the passing of John McKay in December last year, with all the work he put into Juniors at state and national level throughout his life, Australian Billiards and Snooker Council rename the Australian Under 21 Snooker Champions in memory of the Great man. Having this Championship at the Brunswick Club, where John McKay played most of his snooker was very fitting.

Congratulations go to Charlie Chafe the 2013 Champion. Match Report

Thankyou to Tania Ahmet for her organisational skills and contribution to this tournament.

2013 City of Melbourne
By: Alan Croft  Tue 9th Apr - 8:28AM

Congratulations Steve Mifsud - 2013 City of Melbourne Champion


Steve Defeated Shaun Dalitz in the final. For all Results please go to the ABSC site. Both Steve and Shaun have earned a wildcard entry into the Goldfields Open.


Thanks to Tania Ahmet for the organisation, George Hoy as Tournament Director and Michael D'Silva and his referees for making this tournament a success.

John McKay Handicap - postponed
By: Kim Ivett  Sat 6th Apr - 10:22PM

Please note that the John McKay Handicap Snooker noted in April has been postponed to a date to be advised. Notification will be on website in coming weeks. Thank you. 

Neil Robertson now ranked 2 in World
By: Kim Ivett  Tue 2nd Apr - 10:47PM

Congratulations to Victoria's very own World Champion Neil Robertson winning the Bank of Beijing China Open defeating Mark Selby 10-6 on 31st March. It's Robertson's first ranking title since the 2010 World Open and he's the tenth different winner in ten ranking events so far this season. Excellent work by Neil and we wish him well in the coming World Championship at the Crucible.

Andrews/Atkins Shield 2013
By: Tania Ahmet  Wed 6th Mar - 10:28AM

The Annual Andrews Atkins Shield Challenge will be held over this weekend at RACV Club.

Come down and support our Victorian Team.

Tasmanian / Victorian Teams

Victorian Under 21 Snooker
By: Alan Croft  Wed 6th Mar - 8:35AM
the Victorian Under 21's was played on sunday at the AK8 Billiards lounge. Thankyou to Kevin Xu and his staff, a great venue.
After the round robin matches 4 players progressed to the Semis seeded as follows 
1. Charlie Chafe
2. Ryan Thomerson 
3. Adam Bleumink
4. Arthur Lin
Ryan Played Adam & quickly went into a 2 frame lead ,Adam won the 3rd frame to go 2/1 the fourth frame was a scrappy game which Ryan managed to win on the colours. to win the match 3/1 & go into the final
on the other table Charlie was off to a shaky start which gave young Arthur Lin confidence , And saw Arthur making breaks of 40 , 30 to go into a 2/0 lead 
though Charlie thought hard in the 3rd frame Arthur was not missing many shots & ended up taking the frame & match with a good 50 break & progressing into his first u21s Vic final 
The final was a one sided affair with Arthur finding the AK8 Star table very different to the tables played on earlier ,Ryan on the other hand quickly got into his stride with a 70 break in the first 43 in the second & anther 45 in the third frame to take the Title 3/0

Ryan Thomerson Has now won all Victorian titles u12.s, u15,s u18,s u21,s & he now has his sights on the mens to complete all the Victorian titles !

Victorian Snooker Tournament Rankings
By: Alan Croft  Sat 2nd Mar - 2:48PM

2013 Victorian Snooker Tournament Rankings have been updated view

Vict Under 21's & Junior Snooker C'ship
By: Tania Ahmet  Tue 12th Feb - 5:26PM

Victorian Under 21's Snooker Championship will be held  on Sunday 3rd March at AK8.

Sign in at 10am for a 10.30am start.  The events that will be held are:  Entry Forms:  pdf    docx

Winner of the Under 21's Snooker will represent Victoria at the Australian Under 21's Snooker Championship in April

Under 21's Snooker Championships (Open to all players under 21 on January 1st 2013)

*Please Note:  To play in the Australian Under 21's Snooker Championship, you must be an Australian Citizen, as the winner gets a nomination to represent Australia at the IBSF World Snooker Championship.

Victorian Junior Championships
Due to low entries received, VBSA has postponed the Victorian Juniors till the weekend 25th-26th May.  We apologise for the inconvenience.

Neil's (almost) Success!
By: Paul Cosgriff  Fri 8th Feb - 3:10AM

NEIL ROBERTSON has played superbly over the last 3 months, and has been extremely unlucky not to have snared a Major Title.

NEIL lost 8-10 in the Final of the World Snooker International Championship to JUDD TRUMP, and then lost in the Final of The Masters 6-10 to MARK SELBY after having played brilliantly earlier in the week.

In the UK Championship, NEIL lost 4-6 to the eventual Winner, MARK SELBY, in the Quarter-Finals. In the German Masters, NEIL lost 2-6 to the eventual Winner, ALLISTER CARTER, in the Semi-Final.

Making Finals, or losing to the Eventual Winner earlier, can only reinforce the great form that NEIL is showing. NEIL is up to Number 3 in the provisional World Rankings and will undoubtedly snare a Title very soon.

2013 Albury Snooker Open
By: Tania Ahmet  Mon 14th Jan - 5:40PM

THE ALBURY SNOOKER OPEN the first major tournament on the 2013 calendar. To be held on the 23rd and 24th Feb, with Prizefund $13,000


2013 VBSA Membership
By: Alan Croft  Mon 14th Jan - 5:24PM

Thanks to all clubs and captains for your efforts in making sure your players are financial members.

Please be aware: players MUST be a member BEFORE they play their third match. So please check Currently unfinancial players from time to time. Players may pay membership at any time via paypal or by mail using the membership form. 

When paying please make sure you give us your mobile phone number and your email address.

Membership application in .pdf or .docx any enquiries please email

New Scoring system in 2013
By: Alan Croft  Mon 14th Jan - 5:18PM

A new scoring system will be introduced in 2013 (decided at the 2012 AGM by a majority vote). The new sytem will be very similar to the AFL with a winning team recieving 4 points, a draw will recieve 2 points to each team, and a losing team 0 points. Frames for and against will decide percentage. Matches will still be the same with each player playing 3 frames. How it works

2013 Pennant Snooker season
By: Alan Croft  Mon 14th Jan - 5:16PM

Team Entries for the 2013 Pennant Snooker season  ARE CLOSED

Please check that your team entry has been received and your team details are correct current team entries, please contact the Score Registrar if your team has not been entered or details are incorrect.

Unfortunately, there will be no A Reserve Snooker competition this season, it became a mathematical impossibility to create fair and reasonable fixtures for all grades. Have spent the last 48 hours in a vain attempt to create a set of fixtures that would work for the Monday night grades - A Reserve, B Premier, C Reserve and D Premier. In all the years I have been doing this I have never come across a more complex problem.
With A reserve only having 4 teams, it became the most logical solution to not run this grade. All nominated captains for these teams will be notified.
Alan Croft - VBSA Score Registrar.

The VBSA would like to thank everyone for their support, over 60 teams have been entered.

Fixtures are now available

First 100 break achievement
By: Kim Ivett  Fri 4th Jan - 5:23PM

Congratulations to Vic Junior, Arthur Lin who conquered his first 100 snooker break on 29th Dec 2012 against Kathy Howden at Brunswick Club, no doubt influenced by 3yrs of great coaching by Bruce McPhee since Arthur was 11yrs old. Just the start of Arthur's bright snooker future. 

Xmas 2012
By: Alan Croft  Sun 16th Dec - 9:45AM

At the Culmination of the Billiards and Willis Finals Series I would like to congratualte the winners, commiserate with the losers, and thank you all for your participation in 2012.

May your Christmas, New Year break be safe and enjoyable. Looking forward to an exceptional 2013.

Thanks to my fellow Board members for their efforts in making 2012 a success.

VBSA President - Ron Cole

Grand Final Photos
By: Alan Croft  Sun 16th Dec - 9:43AM

The framed photos have been delivered to all clubs. Thankyou to Chetcuti Picture Frames & Signs for your excellent work and support. (0403 372 144)

Vic State Ladies Billiards Result
By: Kim Ivett  Sun 9th Dec - 6:19PM

Congratulations to Anna Lynch Vic State Billiards Champion for the 10th time (Anna 400-Kathy 161) and Runner-Up Kathy Howden (90minutes)

It was Kathy's 2nd Final in a row for Billiards, well done!



John Mc Kay
By: Alan Croft  Tue 4th Dec - 11:24AM

It was with great sadness that the Snooker and Billiards Community acknowledged the passing of Henry John McKay on December 6th  2012 after a long battle with cancer.

John will be remembered as former VBSA President, VBSA life member, Victorian Champion and an all round nice guy. Thanks John, for your  friendship and your contribution to our sport.  Funeral Service is at 11.00am on Wednesday  12th Dec at St Ambroses 287 Sydney Rd Brunswick

Henry John McKay by Neil Croft

Henry John Mc Kay July 7, 1937 - Dec 6, 2012. R.I.P.

2012 Billiards & Willis Finals
By: Alan Croft  Mon 5th Nov - 2:52PM

Finals Venues

All A & B Grade Billiards finals will be held at Yarraville Club

All Monday Night Snooker Finals will be at Kings

All Wednesday Night Snooker Finals will be at Princes

Captains - please have your team written down in the order they are to play and present to the venue co-ordinator prior to 7.15. Photos will be taken prior to the Grand Finals, would teams please arrive no later than  7.00 on grand final night.

Week 1 - Semi Finals, the Highest finishing side will be considered the home side for refereeing, Week 2 & 3 Prelim and Grand finals will have referees supplied

Please Note: All Finals matches will start at 7.30pm, if you or your team is late you will be penalised as per the bylaws.

Dress Code for all finals -

  1. For all pennant finals matches in Premier, Willis & Reserve leagues, competitors shall conform to the following acceptable dress combinations: Dark coloured dress slacks or trousers, leather dress shoes, long sleeved shirt of the type that would be worn with a tie or bow tie. If a sleeveless vest, or a waistcoat is worn then wearing a bow tie is optional.
  2. Players must present themselves in a neat and tidy manner at all times during the match. E.g. shirt must be tucked in and bow tie, if worn, be worn correctly

B Premier Billiards (2 billiards, 2 snooker) Finals  - In the event of a tie in the final series the match will be decided by the total points scored over the 6 billiards matches. In the finals the number 2 billiards and the number 2 snooker players should play the first round, the number 1 billiards and the number 1 snooker players should play in the second round so if a tie is possible the captains may advise their players as to the score required to win the final.

2012 Billiards Rankings
By: Alan Croft  Mon 5th Nov - 10:20AM

The VBSA billiards Rankings have been updated to include the just completed billiard season & the 150 Up. For the new format "B" billiards 20 ranking points have been awarded per "frame" won. Thanks to Jason Colebrook for his efforts and assistance in maintaining and updating the Billiards ranking system.

WSIC - Chengdu
By: Paul Cosgriff  Mon 5th Nov - 9:44AM

The World Snooker International Championship (WSIC) has as much money, and as many Ranking Points, as the UK Championship - making it the most expensive Tournament ever held in China, and on an equal status with the 2nd Most Important Ranking Event on the Calendar.

NEIL ROBERTSON has played brilliantly to defeat SHAUN MURPHY 9-5 in the Semi-Final, but was unlucky to lose 8-10 to JUDD TRUMP, the new WORLD NO.1, in a very high quality Final. This is only the 2nd Televised Final that Neil has ever lost in 12 Finals appearances. Neil has certainly shown that he is capable of winning in China, and will look forward to having even more success at next month's UK Championship.

Judd is only the 10th player to have ever held the World No.1 position, and he replaces Mark Selby. Trump and Selby are the only No.1s who have not been World Champion. Neil has risen to No.5 in the latest Rankings.

World Snooker have effectively created a Grand Slam of the World Championship, The Masters, the UK Championship, and now the World Snooker International Championship. Neil has won 2 of these, and has been a Semi-Finalist at the UK last year, and now the Runner-Up at the WSIC.

Vic Billiards preview
By: Alan Croft  Thu 1st Nov - 12:20PM

Round 12 of the A Grade billiards has shown that a weekends practice is great for your game. 24 breaks of 40+ including Andrew Hicks 102 (scoring 619 in 80 minutes), Rod Nelson 126, 116, Steve Hanna 91. Should be some great Billiards tonight at the Yarraville club - Steve Mifsud v  David Collins in a 4 hour final - starts at 7pm.


2012 Victorian 150 up Billiards Championship
By: Jason Colebrook  Mon 29th Oct - 3:54PM
 Congratulations Rod Nelson, 2012 Victorian 150 Up Billiards Champion, who defeated Simon Scerri in the final.
Championship high break was Don Richter 105.


2012 George Ganim Handicap Snooker Results
By: Kim Ivett  Tue 9th Oct - 11:53AM

Congratulations to Darryl Tippett Winner of the 2012 George Ganim Handicap Snooker and Runner-Up Sumit Abrol. Semi finalists were Joe Manuatu and Daniel Cleworth. Quarter finalists were Mark Chambers, Alan Williams, Arthur Lin and Atif Paracha. Well done and thank you to all those that participated in this event and throughout 2012 Handicaps. 

Notable breaks on the day were Darryl Tippett 46, Sumit Abrol 46, Daniel Cleworth 45, Atif Paracha, Josh Gorski 40, Sam Elbelli 40, see results list for more..  Results

Thank you to the Brunswick Club for hosting this event, and to Henry Chetcuti for all the great trophies. It has been an enjoyable time looking after these events and hope to see you all at future ones in 2013.

Kim Ivett - Handicap Snooker Tournament Director.

Prince of Poland! Again!!
By: Paul Cosgriff  Mon 8th Oct - 8:07AM

NEIL ROBERTSON has triumphed in EPTC2 in Gdynia, in Poland. Last year, NEIL won EPTC3 which was held in Warsaw, Poland's capital, so he has viewed this as a SUCCESSFUL defence of his Polish Title.

NEIL won 4-3 over JAMIE JONES, in the Round of 32, making 1 Century. In the Round of 16, NEIL defeated MARTIN GOULD 4-3 after making 2 Centuries!

In the Quarter-Final, he triumphed 4-0 over TIAN PENGFEI, and then defeated STEPHEN MAGUIRE 4-2, in the Semi-Final, making another Century.

In a gripping Final, NEIL made another Century to lead 3-0, however, JAMIE BURNETT was not to be denied and fought back to 3-3. JAMIE needed to make a clearance from 38 behind to snatch the Final frame on the black, however, when he missed a colour after the second-last red, NEIL cooly potted the balls required to ensure a famous victory!

NEIL has now been successful in 10 Televised Finals (out of 11 contested).

Steve Hanna makes 100
By: Alan Croft  Thu 4th Oct - 12:27PM

Well done Steve Hanna, on making a 100 break in A Billiards. Playing in the same side as Steve Mifsud this would normally go unnoticed.

Aust Womens Open
By: Kim Ivett  Thu 4th Oct - 10:42AM

Well done to our Vic Women in the Aust Open;

Lyndal Ellement Qtr Finalist losing to Ramona Belmont 0-3

Highest Break for tournament - Lyndal Ellement 46

Kathy Howden Qtr Finalist losing to Jessica Woods 2-3

Emma Babauta last 16.


2012 Mitchell Cup - Aust National Juniors
By: Kim Ivett  Sun 30th Sep - 9:59PM

Congratulations to all our Victorian Juniors for their awesome efforts in the 2012 Mitchell Cup National Junior Billiards & Snooker Championships held in Albury 24-30Sep. Well done!!!

  • U18 Snooker Final - Ryan Thomerson def Adam Bleumink 5-3
  • U18 Billiards Final - Ryan Thomerson def Cale Barrett (Tas) 542-459
  • U18 Girls Snooker Champ - Heidi Fridman
  • U15 Snooker Final - Arthur Lin def Alex Pace (Tas) 4-1
  • U15 Billiards Semi-Finalist - Marc Fridman
  • U12 Snooker Semi-Finalist - Jake Thompson

The week was enjoyed by all involved. Special thanks goes to organisers Paul Thomerson and Sue Bleumink along with all parents, your help is appreciated.

Thanks also to ABSC - Frank Dewens, Commercial Club - Eddie Simmons and sponsors, for their efforts during this Championship.

(Photo from left to right Juniors; Heidi Fridman, Marc Fridman, Adam Bleumink, Arthur Lin, Ryan Thomerson and Jake Thompson) 

Brad Harris makes 115
By: Alan Croft  Sun 30th Sep - 4:36PM

Brad made an excellent break of 115 while representing the Yarraville Club in A Reserve. I had the opportunity to see the final stages of the break, Brad had the opportunity to make 133 but missed the blue.

First 100
By: Alan Croft  Sun 30th Sep - 1:14PM

Benny Giang from Princes made his first 100 (101). Benny was given the opportunity to play against Andrew Hicks in the A Grade Pennant finals, he defeated Andrew 2 frames to 1 and made his first ever 100 break

Peter Jackson - Victorian Referee
By: Kim Ivett  Fri 28th Sep - 6:38PM

On behalf of the VBSA and it's members, heartfelt thoughts and best wishes go out to a wonderful personality and well known Vic Referee Peter Jackson who sadly had a stroke and heart attack last weekend and currently in the Geelong Hospital. We hope for a speedy and full recovery and look forward to having you amongst your snooker friends and family sharing stories and that famous cheeky humour again. Take care and all the best xx

Victorian State Billiards Championship
By: Alan Croft  Fri 28th Sep - 4:50PM

Congratulations Steve Mifsud


2012 Victorian Billiards Champion


Steve played some inspiring billiards with breals of 382 and 182 he defeated David Collins in the final. Vic Billiards Results


Rudy Sulaeman won his first Victorian Minor Billiards Championship . Vic Minor  Results

Thanks go to Jason Colebrook for his efforts in organising and making this tournament a success

Shanghai Masters 2012
By: Paul Cosgriff  Fri 21st Sep - 9:42AM

JUDD TRUMP and JOHN HIGGINS have produced the most amazing Final for this year's Shanghai Masters! JUDD came out "blazing" and lead 5-0. JOHN, with a new cue this Season, produced a 147 to win his first frame! JUDD immediately bounced back, and lead 7-2 when they took the break before the evening session.

In the evening, JOHN played flawlessly to rattle in breaks and lead 8-7. JUDD was not to be denied and fought back to 9-9! When JUDD failed to obtain position on the black, in with 36, in the last, he was forced to play safe. JOHN HIGGINS slammed in a "do or die" long red, and produced a 61 break which was able to seal his win!

World Rankings after APTC2 &Shanghai Master
By: Paul Cosgriff  Mon 17th Sep - 12:02AM

After the win by ROD LAWLER at PTC3, he is still in 65th place, and over 9500 points behind the 64th place. Let's hope the new 2-year Ranking List recognises Rod's rich vein of form!

1. Mark SELBY 72780 2. Judd TRUMP 70995 3. John HIGGINS 69600 4. Mark J. WILLIAMS 63480  5. Shaun MURPHY 63340 6.Stephen LEE 59830 7. Stephen MAGUIRE 58760 8. Neil ROBERTSON 57100 9. Mark ALLEN 54560  10. Stuart BINGHAM 11. DING Junhui 12. Graeme DOTT 13. Ricky WALDEN 14. Matthew STEVENS 15. Barry HAWKINS 16. Martin GOULD 17. Ronnie O'SULLIVAN 18. Joe PERRY

Ken DOHERTY is at 31. Steve DAVIS is at 48 & Jimmy WHITE at 50.Pankaj ADVANI is at 73, and Ben JUDGE is up to 92.

Gary Cullen Handicap Tournament
By: Kim Ivett  Mon 3rd Sep - 8:39AM

Gary Cullen Handicap Snooker at the Yarraville Club on Saturday 6th Oct. Results

Congratulations to first time Handicap participant Chamnan Mao Winner of Gary Cullen Snooker
defeating Runner-Up Eilon Rapoport 2-0. Both also first time in a final of a Handicap event.
Thanks to all who participated and nice to see a few new ones again. Special mention about
one of Vic's great current Juniors Arthur Lin who done extremely well challenging others and
making a few good breaks, and will only go from strength to strength.
Well done to Joseph Bury who recorded the highest break of 53 followed by Chamnan with a 49.
Thanks to the Yarraville Club for hosting this event. An enjoyable day had by all.
Kim Ivett - Tournament Director
Welcome to the new front page
By: Alan Croft  Fri 31st Aug - 8:27PM

The VBSA website is continually evolving, now all board members may create an item on the front page of the site. While Paul Cosgriff is not a member of the Board he will still be posting information and reports from overseas. These items will not be removed, so you will be able to go back and see any item that has been posted. Naturally, over time, items will become difficult to find so  "Searches" have been include so you can find any particular item either by it's title or a keyword in the content. Items will appear by their date with the newest first, some items will be selected to remain at the top of the front page as they are considered important.

10 Items will be listed on the font page and subsequent pages, just scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the page navigation links.

Please, if you see anything not working or broken links report them to Alan Croft

Are you a member of the VBSA?
By: Alan Croft  Fri 31st Aug - 8:21PM

If you are playing in the current season please be aware that you must be a member before play in week 5 (Week 5 starts Monday 10th Sept) if you are not a member and have played more than 2 matches your team WILL be penalised. Please check the list of Unfinancial Members

Membership application forms in word format or pdf

By: Kim Ivett  Fri 31st Aug - 8:15PM

VBSA 2012 Annual General Meeting at the Brunswick Club on Thursday 27th Sept commencing at 7.30pm. Interested in how the VBSA is being run then come along and find out exactly what has happenned in the last year. Interested in being involved in the operation of our sport please nominate for a position. Notice of AGM

2012 VBSA Scholarship Program
By: George Hoy  Fri 31st Aug - 8:07PM

The VBSA is pleased to announce a new Scholarship Program which will provide training and development support to Victorian billiards and snooker players who show potential to achieve success at the national and international level.

The recipients of the VBSA scholarship program for 2012 are:
Level 1: ($2000) Kurt Dunham , James Mifsud
Level 2 : ($1500) Ryan Thomerson , Jason Colebrook
Junior : ($1000) Arthur Lin , Adam Bluemink.
Women : ($1000) Lyndal Ellement , Tania Ahmet

Enquiries or further information about the Scholarship program can be directed to the Scholarship Program Administrator Paul Thomerson on 0400 995 210 or Ron Cole, President, VBSA on 0418 337 878

VBSA Scholarship program

IBSF World Under 21s
By: Paul Cosgriff  Fri 31st Aug - 8:06PM

Two players from CHINA have contested the Final of the IBSF World Under 21 Championships, and 14-y-o LU HAOTIAN has defeated 17-y-o ZHUI YINGHUI 9-6, making the Tournament-high Beak of 139 in the Final. HAOTIAN becomes the youngest-ever Winner replacing RONNIE O'SULLIVAN and DING JUN HUI!

2012 Pot Black Snooker
By:   Fri 31st Aug - 7:26PM

Sept 21st - 23rd at the Commercial Club, Albury. Entries close 15th Sept. Entry Form

2012 Yarraville Billiards Tournament, Sat Aug 25th
By: Alan Croft  Fri 31st Aug - 6:59PM

Congratulations to David Collins on winning the inaugural Yarraville Billiards ranking tournament, defeating Mac Rynkiewicz in the final. The plate event was won by Simon Scerri. All who participated enjoyed the format of this new event - with play commencing at 10.30 am and the final finished by 5.00 pm.

Results and Plate Results

Billiards Rankings have been updated

To Commemorate Walter Lindrum
By: Alan Croft  Fri 31st Aug - 6:41PM

There was a small gathering yesterday at the Lindrum home organised by Graeme Mc Neil.

Dolly Lindrum, members of the VBSA Board and friends remembered the great Walter Lindrum on the 114th anniversary of his birth.

The cake was donated and presented by Graeme Mc Neil

Updated World Rankings (PTC2)
By: Paul Cosgriff  Wed 8th Aug - 6:24PM

After PTC 2, the World Rankings are: 1. Mark SELBY, 2. Judd TRUMP, 3. Mark J WILLIAMS, 4. Stephen MAGUIRE, 5. Shaun MURPHY, 6. Neil ROBERTSON, 7. John HIGGINS, 8. Stephen LEE, 9. DING Junhui, 10. Ricky WALDEN, 11. Matthew STEVENS, 12. Stuart BINGHAM, 13. Mark ALLEN, 14. Graeme DOTT, 15. Ronnie O'SULLIVAN, 16. Martin GOULD.

Martin Gould is now nearly 3000 points clear of Allister Carter who's Ranked at 17. Ronnie O'Sullivan has finally signed the contract with World Snooker and will return to Tournament play at the International Championship in November (when he will have had the 6-month beak he foreshadowed at the World Championship in May)! BEN JUDGE is working his way up the Rankings and is currently at No. 91.

World Rankings
By: Paul Cosgriff  Tue 10th Apr - 6:27PM

BARRY HAWKINS' win in Bendigo has lifted him to 20th in the latest World Rankings. PETER EBDON has risen to 19th. 1. Mark Selby 2. Judd Trump 3. Mark Williams 4. Shaun Murphy 5. Neil Robertson 6. John Higgins 7. Stephen Maguire 8. Stephen Lee