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2014 VBSA Notice of AGM
Kim Ivett  Oct 1, 2014, 12:41:42 AM

Please refer to link below for the Notice of VBSA Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 30th October 2014 at 7.30pm, location Brunswick Club.  Submissions for Agenda items or Notice of Motion to be received by COB Wednesday 15th October 2014, email Secretary at

AGM Notice 

Thank you

Kim Ivett - Secretary

Victorian Billiards Championship
Jason Colebrook  Oct 6, 2014, 02:30:40 PM

Commences Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November (half the field plays each day). First round losers go into the Victorian Minor Billiards Championship. Players ranked outside the top 8 (updated rankings) may request whether they play Saturday or Sunday by emailing

A few days after submitting your entry do not forget to check that your name appears on the list of entries (click "tournaments"and then "check entries").

Entry Form.

Billiards & Willis Finals
Alan Croft  Oct 21, 2014, 10:18:59 AM

Monday Night - B Premier  2x2 Billiards & Snooker at Yarraville (final 3) Prelim final on 3rd Nov, grand final 10th Nov

Monday Night - C Willis at Kings -  (final 5)  Elim final 10 Nov, Semi Final 17 Nov, Prelim final 24th Nov, Grand final 1st Dec

Monday night - A Willis - All finals at  Brunswick. - Semi Final 17 Nov, Prelim final 24th Nov, Grand final 1st Dec

Monday night - B Willis and D Willis at Kings. - Semi Final 17 Nov, Prelim final 24th Nov, Grand final 1st Dec.

Wednesday Night - A Billiards at Yarraville - Semi Final 19 Nov, Prelim final 26th Nov, Grand final 3rd Dec.

Wednesday Night - B Reserve and C Reserve at Kings - Semi Final 19 Nov, Prelim final 26th Nov, Grand final 3rd Dec.


Players MUST have played 4 matches to compete in finals. Dress Code: For all Finals matches: Dark-coloured dress slacks or trousers, Plain-coloured, long-sleeved, collared shirt, black leather dress shoes, sleeveless vest/waistcoat and/or bow tie. Players must present themselves in a neat and tidy manner at all times during the match. E.g. shirt must be tucked in and bow tie, if worn, be worn correctly. (Penalty: incorrectly dressed players shall not be permitted to play).


Referees - Elim finals and semi finals will be refereed by the competing players, a coin toss (each table) will decide who referees 2 frames. Roving referees will be provided. Billiards matches will be shared 40 minutes each. Referees will be provided for Prelim and grand finals.

Peter Jackson - At Rest
Alan Croft  Oct 8, 2014, 10:25:58 AM

After a long illness Peter Jackson passesd away late Tuesday 7th Oct.

On behalf of the VBSA and it's members, heartfelt thoughts and best wishes go out to Peters family and friends.


A wonderful personality, his smile will be sadly missed by all that had the pleasure of meeting him.


Junior Snooker Training Session
Alan Croft  Oct 2, 2014, 09:04:15 AM

On Sunday the 28th of September Cheltenham Billiards and Snooker club had the pleasure of holding a junior snooker training session at thier clubrooms. The day was a great success and was coordinated by Tony Fridman and Jon Loughron.

The VBSA and the juniors were fortunate enough to have the Australian National Head Coach, Paul Thomerson running the 3 hour session. The Juniors that attended were Costa Zygorodimos, Jake Thompson, Mehdi Hendri, Callum Murphy, Heidi Fridman, Marc Fridman and Emran Ali.

The VBSA would like to encourage more juniors to participate in these events so please contact Tania Ahmet at the VBSA if you interested in attending future sessions. Times dates and venue of future sessions will be published on the VBSA website when they become available.

2014 Pot Black Snooker
Alan Croft  Sep 29, 2014, 02:21:42 PM

Congratulations Charlie Chafe


2014 Pot Black Champion.


Charlie defeated Adrian Ridley in the final. Results

WPBSA Rules Changes Aug 2014
Michael D'Silva  Sep 17, 2014, 03:52:20 PM

Please see attached PDF for recent changes to the rules of snooker and billiards. The PDF will give you a quick overview and a complete copy of the rules may be downloaded from World Snooker's website.

Michael D'Silva

One Day Billiards Ranking Event 2
Jason Colebrook  Sep 10, 2014, 08:39:02 AM

David Collins defeated Rod Nelson in the final. In the final of the Plate Peter Politis defeated Jacob Streiff by 1 point.


All Tournament Entries
Jason Colebrook  Sep 3, 2014, 01:24:56 PM

Did you know that you can check whether your tournament entry has been correctly processed,or can check whether you have entered, by clicking on "tournaments" on the main menu and selecting "check entries". Allow a couple of days for your entry to be processed and then check that your name is listed for the tournament.

VBSA By-Law amendments
Alan Croft  Sep 3, 2014, 12:54:19 PM

Please be aware the VBSA By Laws have been amended 03.08.2014 to include ....

Rule 2 - Minimum dress - All leagues
a. The host club's rules for dress on their premises shall be observed by all players in all leagues and visiting supporters.
b. No headwear is permitted to be worn by players or officials at any time during the course of a match. This rule may be varied upon application for religious or medical reasons (providing it is acceptable under a.).

Rule 10 - Player Regulations All leagues

c. Players are permitted to play in any grade in both Premier/Reserve or Willis/Reserve. The VBSA reserve the right to advise any player to play in a higher grade if they are seen to be playing in a grade below their ability. Any player that is perceived to have played in a grade that is below his/her ability may forfeit all frames won.