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VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.


(Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.)
VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.
Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria



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Referee News

Australian National Titles

Not one speech was made at the championships that failed to mention the referees and rightly so. The winner Steve Mifsud, the runner up Charlie Chafe, the ABSC President Frank Dewens and the TD and VBSA President Paul Cosgriff all had something positive to say.

The referees in question were, in no particular order, Abraham Newman, Praveen Chandra, Neil Brown, Mark Bini, Anuj Rathee, Colin Winter, Kim Ivett, Jim Lewis, Jon Moss and Brendon Lang.

It was originally the intention of Tommy Watson of Tasmania to join the ranks but personal issues finally prevented that.

Brendon Lang was also an entrant in the event itself but made himself available as soon as his match finished on Friday despite a heavy cold, he was fortunately able to be available on Saturday after recovering somewhat overnight.

Colin Winter and Mark Bini also managed to beat the pain barrier to participate as did Kim Ivett, all with various leg and other aches and pains and a big thanks go to all of them.

Neil Brown was once again tireless and completed 8 matches over the weekend, not all of them as easy as the 5 - 0 semi-final that he took charge of on table 5 between eventual winner Steve Mifsud and his victim on this occasion, Matthew Bolton.

The easiest match by far however was the one the gods reserved for myself, ably assisted by George Hoy on the scoreboard. This match was held in the pit between Adrian Ridley and Tyson Crinis, it took 55 minutes to complete the four frames which also included a toilet break and contained 5 breaks over 40. As awesome a display of potting by any player we have ever seen and agreed by both George and myself that it would have been hard even for the players on the professional circuit to have lived with Adrian.

That match was a quarter-final and the semi-final that it got Adrian into was at the other end of the room on table 1 and overseen by our newest Class 1 Snooker referee Kim Ivett. This proved to be another very easy match to referee once the lighting in the room was made satisfactory. Adrian started this match as he had finished his last with breaks of 59 and 61 with a foul by Charlie to let him in which saw the frame score showing a lopsided 124 - 0. This did not faze Charlie in the slightest and he took the next four frames with his own display of attacking snooker to almost make the match a formality. Adrian, not one to give up at any time, did take the 6th frame but Charlie ran out the winner in the 7th frame with another 57 break after making the same score in frame 5.

The quality of the play earlier witnessed in the pit did not desert the final that was so ably officiated by Jim Lewis. Steve Mifsud took the 1st frame, Charlie the 2nd and Steve the 3rd and 4th. Charlie then took another four in a row to leave Steve trailing 3 - 5. Steve Mifsud has not been the Australian Champion 7 times previously without being a very dangerous opponent in that type of situation and so it proved once again as he took the last 3 frames, including  two sizeable breaks, to equal the record of wins for this event with his eighth.

The performance by Jim Lewis in this final was almost flawless apart from one brain fade on the scores at one stage of the match which did not have any bearing on the players or the result. His many years of experience was otherwise on display and he was deservedly thanked for his performance by both players and officials.


By: Larry Eforgan  Tue 21st Aug 2018 - 1:15PM

New Referees

We welcome Simon Lo and Anuj Rathee to the refereeing fraternity after their success in gaining Class 3 Snooker accreditation. Both candidates proved to be intelligent and enthusiastic in completing the course and successfull in their examination. They have both committed to being fully inclusive in as many tournaments as they can and will be new yet very welcome faces at Yarraville early next month for the Reventon Classic.

By: Larry Eforgan  Wed 25th Apr 2018 - 7:42AM

WPBSA Directive for Sec.3 R.14 Interpretation

During Kim Ivett's recent offficiating at the Welsh and Gibraltar Open events, it was brought to the attention of all referees present that several countries were misinterpreting this rule. That also included Australia. She has been requested to relay the following.

In particular, the penalising of players who touch balls during consultation. Relevant parts below.

Snooker Rules. Section 2 14(f) & (g)

(f) When any ball is being replaced after a miss, both the offender and the next player will be consulted as to its position, after which the referee's decision shall be final.

(g) During such consultation, if either player should touch any ball in play, he shall be penalised as if he were the striker, without affecting the order of play. The ball touched shall be replaced by the referee, to his satisfaction, even if it was picked up. Section 3. 10 (d) iii)

It is currently common practice during our matches, that when a Miss is called by the referee, either player touching any ball is penalised seven points regardless of, or prior to, being consulted regarding the correct positioning of the balls being replaced. Example, the cue ball or object balls being retrieved from a pocket or new position by a player, after a request to have the balls replaced has been made.

It is now an instruction to all referees that, unless the referee has initiated consultation with players or requested such interaction, the penalty is not applicable!

It seems, contrary to our previous belief, that the key words are "during consultation" together with "in play" and are the drivers for interpreting the rule in the revised manner that is now declared. The balls would be considered 'in play' after being replaced by the referee.

It is also believed that formal changes to these rules are being considered for introduction soon and may offer easier application.

This directive applies across the board and is to be implemented in all competitive and/or refereed frames of Snooker.

By: Larry Eforgan  Sun 1st Apr 2018 - 8:14AM

Reventon Weekend

Six referees, John Ivett, Kim Ivett, Praveen Chandra, Neil Brown, Jon Moss and Jon Loughron were the officials that covered all round robin and knock out stages of the Reventon Finals with Brendon Lang and George Hoy stepping in to make sure all 8 tables were covered for the OneforSeven events.

A very smooth and satisfying tournament was the result as is only to be expected with that much experience in the room. John, Kim, Jon Loughron and Praveen are seasoned OneforSeven referees and knew how much fun was to be had during this stage  of the weekend, a fact which quickly became apparent to the first timers.

Kim and Neil were the semi-final referees with the vast experience of John overeeing the final. 

Kim took charge of the Ryan Thomerson /Aaron Mahoney semi which Ryan won by 5 frames to 2 with breaks over 40 in all but two of the seven frames, 2 by Aaron and 3 by Ryan.

Neil had the Steve MIfsud/Matthew Bolton semi-final which went down to the colours in the deciding frame. Matthew won the 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th with a break of 75 in the 7th. Steve then had to come from behind after winning the 1st with a 61 break, then by winning the 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th.

The OneforSeven events were next, first thing on Sunday morning with Johl Younger prevailing in the men's competition and Caroline Ruscitti taking the accolades in the women's event.

Up then stepped the inimitable John Ivett to enforce the rules in the Grand Final between Ryan and Steve. With only one break over 40, a 60 by Ryan in the 3rd, it was still a masterclass of snooker by both players with the vast knowledge and experience of Steve only matched and finally overcome by Ryan with his excellent long game and break building technique, which was still in evidence despite the lack of any breaks over 40 except the one mentioned.

Matthew Bolton with the highest break of 114, Johl Younger posting a 104 and Shaun Dalitz, 101 were the three players to claim the prize on offer for each century break.

No better snooker tournament has been witnessed in Melbourne for a very long time.

By: Larry Eforgan  Tue 31st Oct 2017 - 10:17AM

Realised Ambition

Praveen Chandra had a wish which was to take charge of the Grand Final of the Australian National Championships. The 2017 tournament was where that ambition was realised. The match between winner, Adrian Ridley and runner up, Steve Mifsud despite being played over 11 frames, 9 of which were completed, did not come anywhere near being the most difficult of the weekend. I must say that Praveen did a good job even though nothing contentious came up during the proceedings.

This was not the case for all referees in attendance however. Jim Lewis had a 6 hour match first up, Colin Winter and Mark Bini were both thrown to the wolves with back to back 7 framer's. Colin's legacy was a popped knee which kept him at home the next day unable to walk very far. Mark also suffered as his broken foot was not yet fully healed and he was only able to complete one match on Saturday before succumbing to the pain.

Despite these setbacks the referees performed well enough that nobody noticed them, which is as it should be. Long stints at the tables was the lot for most of them on Friday and Saturday but the result was as smooth a running of a tournament as one could wish for.

Congratulations for a job well done to Praveen, semi final referees Jim Lewis and Abraham Newman along with John and Kim Ivett, Neil Allison, Neil Brown, Mark Bini, Denis Coghlan, Michael Lang, Adam Beitner and Colin Winter from Victoria, with special thanks to Glenn Domeika, who travelled from S.A.

By: Larry Eforgan  Tue 22nd Aug 2017 - 12:47PM

First time and after a long time.

Jon Loughron was the tournament director and roving referee for the ladies Victorian titles held at Cheltenham and then match referee for one semi final and then his first ranking final with those matches being played alongside the mens finals at Brunswick on Sunday. He proved to have the competence and the stamina to withstand a very long and tiring day as both of his matches went to the deciding frame.

Neil Brown returned to the No. 1 table arena to take charge of the mens final after a long time between drinks and continues to prove what an asset he is to Victorian and indeed, National Billiards and Snooker. The best of nine final was over after only 7 of those frames and in Neil's own words, probably one of the easiest he has done.

Well done to both Neil and Jon.

By: Larry Eforgan  Mon 24th Jul 2017 - 11:14AM

Chinese success

Jon Moss has now completed all his matches in Beijing and is headed home. Lots of positives from the trip and experiences to treasure. He has represented Australia, Victoria and Maccabi with distinction after following in the footsteps of Kim and John Ivett who have both also represented Australia and Victoria in overseas events in recent years. All three have enhanced the growing reputation in far flung corners of the globe of the competence of our referees. 

By: Larry Eforgan  Sat 15th Jul 2017 - 5:27PM

China Referee

The IBSF World U18 & U21 Snooker Championships will this year be held in China between the dates of 7th and 17th of July. Expressions of interest were called for from Australian referees to officiate at this prestigious event which prompted a response from Jon Moss.

I am delighted to announce that this application has been met with an affirmative answer.

Jon will be travelling to China with the blessing and encouragement of the V.B.S.A. as well as the other Victorian referees.

Jon has had a meteoric rise as a referee since first being accredited and has elicited admiring comments from many of his senior comrades.

His profile along with those of other Victorian referees can be found on the referee profile page on this site.

By: Larry Eforgan  Wed 31st May 2017 - 8:37PM

City of Melbourne

Venue directors for the 2017 City of Melbourne tournament were George Hoy at the Reventon Academy, the new HQ in Yarraville, Jim Lewis at the R.A.C.V., Praveen Chandra at the Brunswick Club, Jon Moss at AK 8, Colin Winter at North Brighton, Adam Beitner at Cheltenham and Larry Eforgan at Bentleigh.

Referees assisting with roving duties were Jason Colebrook, Denis Coghlan and Neil Brown. A big thanks to Adam, Colin, Jason and Neil Brown for stepping in at the last moment when circumstances made it seem that not enough referees would be available on the day.

Saturday morning brought all sorts of problems, with referees calling in sick or having to leave early because of previous engagements. These were alleviated in a very large part by the addition of Jason to the Snooker ranks and what an excellent job he did. The other things that took the pressure off were the speed of the early matches and the decision not to use one of the tables after round 2.

Semi-final referees were Neil Brown who took charge of the match between Johl Younger and Shaun Dalitz, a match won by Johl but graced with two marvellous breaks by Shaun, one of 86 and another of 94. Praveen was the referee for the other semi-final between Steve Mifsud and up and comer Cale Barrett with Steve on fire in the last 3 frames after a very close first and the second taken by Cale in some style.

Neil Allison then had a very enjoyable time refereeing a grand final between Steve and Johl with no contentious decisions to make and two absolute gentlemen to take charge of. He, nonetheless performed as a grand final referee should with a very competent performance.

George Hoy was again Tournament Director and helped in a big way to make this tournament one to be proud of.

By: Larry Eforgan  Mon 22nd May 2017 - 12:03PM

Finals for Jon Moss and Neil Brown

Jon Moss and Neil Brown were the referees involved in the under 21 Billiards and Snooker Championships which were contested at the Brunswick Club on 6th, 7th, & 8th April.

A very small field of junior players from around the country meant that all the matches could be covered by just these two referees and myself and is a major disappointment for this tournament and the future of the sport in general. The standard of refereeing was not compromised however with Neil as ever, doing a very competent job in the Billiards final held on Friday night. The performance of Jon in particular must be noted as he took charge of one semi-final and then the Snooker final itself without a stumble and whilst nerves must have come into play, none were shown and he deservedly received the thanks of the players and the tournament director. 

By: Larry Eforgan  Sun 9th Apr 2017 - 8:48AM

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