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VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.


(Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.)
VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.
Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria



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Referee News

National Championships

The culmination of the season at the R.A.C.V. last weekend with the Australian National Championships saw maybe the best of all the tournaments this year.


The high standard of refereeing along with the adequate numbers, especially on Saturday when there were perhaps even too many, did not make the absence of some of our luminaries too much of a problem. With Kim on her way to Belgium for the World U/21s where she has met up with the Australian boys Adam Bleumink, Alex Pace, Ben Foster and Cale Barrett, and John Ivett and Abraham Newman also with prior commitments, it was left to many of the new boys to fill in and with the very encouraging words from the A.B.S.C. President about the refereeing side of the tournament, I would also like to add my appreciation of all the work done by those involved. Jim Lewis who had a sensational, if a little one sided, final to oversee, the two semi-final refs, Mark Bini and Neil Allison, Praveen Chandra, Neil Brown, Denis Coghlan, Jon Loughron, Jon Moss, Colin Winter, Brendon Lang, Michael Lang and Gordon Males.


In stark contrast to the issues of last year the Victorian refereeing standards continue to lead the way. Well done to all. 

By: Larry Eforgan  Tue 23rd Aug 2016 - 2:59PM

Victorian Referees in Albury

The Victorian referee convoy on the highway to Albury this year included John and Kim Ivett travelling up with Polly to keep us all under control, Neil Allison after a long absence from the Fred Osbourne, Jon Moss for his first time with myself as his passenger and in transit listener.

A much easier work load than in previous years due to the low entry numbers and the assistance of local referees Leigh Condon, Don Walker and Graham Tucker made the weekend that much more relaxing and enjoyable as we availed ourselves of the very warm welcome and fantastic facilities of the Commercial Club.


The snooker tournament itself was run without a hitch and with little or no controversy, many favourites falling by the wayside and a final contested by one of the old guard in Joe Minici against new blood in the guise of Ryan Thomerson.


This final, as have many others in the past, was overseen by the highly experienced John Ivett conducting things in his own inimitable style. Ryan was the eventual winner taking the final 4 frames to 2 over a rather subdued Joe Minici.


By: Larry Eforgan  Tue 2nd Aug 2016 - 2:52PM

A final finally

Abraham Newman at last got the opportunity to shine at an Australian ranking event and his handling of the 2016 Lance Pannell final between winner Shawn Budd and James Mifsud was all that could be expected of this highly competent and experienced referee. Shawn was moved to say some very nice words to Abe after the match and although it was as an easy one as far as matches go this can take nothing away from his performance.

It also proved to be the climax of a very good event for all the officials on hand to ensure the smooth running of proceedings. Lots of experience headed by Kim Ivett and Neil Allison was also backed up by strong performances by Neil Brown, Colin Winter and Denis Coghlan and the ever willing Abraham.

An easy tournament for me due to the expert work of the troops and a good tryout for the new scoring system which will need a little bit of tweaking but on the whole successful.


By: Larry Eforgan  Sun 3rd Jul 2016 - 9:33PM

State Titles Refs

The Victorian State Titles was this year contested using two venues. The referees in attendance at Yarraville were John and Kim Ivett, Neil Allison, Jon Loughron, Neil Brown and Denis Coghlan.

The attendees at Brunswick were unusual because of the fact that all these referees came from the Maccabi Club and to my knowledge the first time that one club has supplied all the referees for one venue. It did not come about through design but because of the venue preference of all referees being taken into account and just the way it turned out.

Those referees were Abraham Newman, Brendon and Michael Lang, Colin Winter, Jon Moss and myself.

With the rescheduling of the quarter finals from Saturday to Sunday morning there was an added necessity for extra troops and the call was answered by Denis Coghlan and Abraham Newman. Neil Brown who was in attendance as a semi final referee did the 3rd quarter final whilst I took charge of the last one.

John Ivett and Neil then oversaw the two semi finals with Kim Ivett once again and very ably, taking on the final.


By: Larry Eforgan  Mon 6th Jun 2016 - 11:13AM

City of Melbourne Success

Neil Allison was the referee for the very good final between winner Aaron Mahoney and runner up James Mifsud and performed with the competence we have come to expect of him despite it being one of the easiest finals of recent years to referee.

A very good turn out of referees who all proved to be up to the task, made this tournament a labour of some satisfaction. Special mention goes to Colin Winter appearing in his first event since accreditation and who did not let himself or the organisers down.

The weekend’s proceedings started at the venues of the Bentleigh Club overseen by Praveen Chandra, Yarraville was in the safe hands of John and Kim Ivett, George Hoy was at AK 8 and home venues were directed by Jon Loughron at Cheltenham and Neil Allison at North Brighton.  Jim Lewis and Mark Bini who appear for one of the R.A.V.C. teams in the Melbourne pennant competitions were also at their home club with Neil Brown taking over from Mark in the evening, whilst the final venue of Brunswick had to put up with myself assisted by the very able Colin.

Reports from the venue directors indicate very few problems and very little out of the ordinary, which is music to the ears for all concerned.

Unable to dodge other commitments, Jon Loughron was replaced by Denis Coghlan and Abraham Newman for the knock out stages on Saturday which went without a hitch except for the knock on effect of the very long match between Darryl Tippett and Westerner Paul Veitch. No fault can be laid at Kim’s door for the length of this safety conscious game but it did mean that the quarter final match between Ayaz Khan and Peter McCullagh in the same half of the draw, itself a very long drawn out affair because of lots of safety play and some tiredness of the players, did not finish until nearly 11 p.m. and had referee Mark Bini in desperate need of some R & R.

The almost uneventful semi finals between James Mifsud and Daniell Haenga in the hands of Abraham Newman and Aaron Mahoney vs. Peter McCullough with Jim Lewis in charge, while both going the full distance and finishing within 15 minutes of each other, proved to be fast, entertaining and of a very high standard and gave neither of these two very experienced referees any trouble. 


By: Larry Eforgan  Mon 23rd May 2016 - 7:11PM

Welsh Open Referee - Kim Ivett

Our world travelling referee Kim Ivett is now on her way home from the U.K. after playing a prominent part in the Welsh Open Snooker Championships. In the course of her participation as an official there she has taken charge of matches that have included the players Tom Ford, Jason Weston, Luca Brecel, Ian Burns, Ben Woollaston, Jamie Cope, Dechawat Poomjaeng, Robert Milkins, Ali Carter, Fergal O’Brien, Robin Hull, Mark Allen, Ken Doherty, Joe Perry, Graeme Dott and  Marco Fu. She has also marked for the referees in charge of the matches between Neil Robertson V. Marco Fu and Ronnie O’Sullivan V. Yu De Lu. Some awesome names there I think you would agree, including four world champions.

Safe trip home Kim where a warm and congratulatory welcome awaits.

By: Larry Eforgan  Sat 20th Feb 2016 - 12:39PM

2015 Statistics

The attachments here are the general statistics, mostly in chart form, for the refereeing activity in 2015. No stigma or kudos should be attached to the amount of commitment from each referee, as work, study, health and lifestyle will always dictate how much each person is able to contribute. Even officiating in one match adds to the riches that Victoria possesses in its professional guardians of the rules.

A debt of gratitude, duly paid here, is owed by the board and members of the V.B.S.A. as well as the players Australia wide, for the commitment and professionalism displayed by all the Victorian Referees.

Wishing all a restful break and a pleasant festive season.


By: Larry Eforgan  Thu 3rd Dec 2015 - 9:12AM

Tournament Charts

Here are the chart graphs showing referee activity in all the Melbourne based tournaments for 2015

By: Larry Eforgan  Wed 18th Nov 2015 - 5:50PM

3 New Colleagues

Adam Beitner, Jon Moss and Colin Winter have joined our ranks with their successful negotiation of the examination for Class 3 Snooker referees.

All three are long time pennant players and members of the Victoria Maccabi Snooker Club and have had a good working knowledge of the rules for some years. Their accreditation as qualified referees comes after some intense sessions with the rule book and assessments of their time at the table. I am sure that all three will in time, enhance the established and enviable reputation of the Victorian referees.


By: Larry Eforgan  Thu 12th Nov 2015 - 9:59AM

Pot Black Report

The final tournament of the year Pot Black, this year held at the Brunswick club resulted ultimately in a shootout between the recent Australian Open champion Charlie Chafe and The City of Melbourne champion from earlier in the year, Ben Judge.


Charlie was in excellent form carrying on from his triumph in the Bob Hawke and he started with a comfortable victory over Paul James which included the highest break of the tournament, exactly 100. The later rounds saw him pitched against Henry Lau with his very good safety game but he managed to overcome that quite easily in his 3 – 1 victory. Next came the quarter finals and a fairly quick 3 – 0 win over Ryan Thomerson who had had the wind knocked out of his sails by one of the stand out players of this weekend, Steve Ebejer. Ryan had advanced from that match only after a very hard fought 3 – 2 win.  Charlie’s semi final opponent was James Mifsud who can never be discounted no matter what the company but it proved to be Charlie’s day once again with another quick victory 3 -1.


Ben had a very different journey to the final in first overcoming Ray Farley 3 – 1 then Daniel Faddoul 3 – 0. His quarter final match up was with Kurt Dunham who did not produce the exciting snooker we are accustomed to seeing from him in the face of Ben’s steady but accurate game, with Ben prevailing 3 frames to 1. So then to probably the best of his matches from a spectator point of view against a very much improved Shaun Dalitz. We all know Shaun to be a very good player but new heights to his game have now been found and I’m sure many good things await in the future. Ben proved to be best on the day and he got over the line 3 – 2.


And so to the final which in the end was pretty one sided with Ben at the races and winning the cup and Charlie not bringing his A game to a very poorly attended final.

The speeches included thanks to all who did turn up to watch with plenty of available seats and positions unused.


George Hoy was again the master with the reins in his hands and a smooth running of the tournament was again his legacy, notwithstanding having only six tables with which to get through all the matches in the two days available.


The referees were also a huge part of the success of the proceedings and thanks go to Brendon Lang, Michael Lang, semi final referees Neil Brown and Abraham Newman and a very competent and unobtrusive performance from the Grand Final referee Praveen Chandra. 

By: Larry Eforgan  Sun 1st Nov 2015 - 10:53PM

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