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Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria

VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.


(Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.)
VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.
Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria



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Referee News

Refereeing Seminar

An impromptu seminar was held at the Fast Eddies Club by two senior referees primarily for the C and D grade pennant players. All players were welcomed regardless of which grade they played in and it turned into highly informative and entertaining evening. It is proposed that this service will now be offered, free of charge, to all the clubs playing pennant and if you would like yours to be involved contact details and a fuller explanation of the proceedings can be found on the referees info page on this website.

By: Larry Eforgan  Tue 3rd Mar 2015 - 8:17AM

Refereeing Seminar

It started when a friend of Kim Ivett asked if she could come down to their club to clarify some misconceptions and inconsistencies of fellow players when contesting the C and especially the D grade pennant competitions. As would be expected, Kim readily agreed to this and asked John if he would accompany her. No little work was done by them in preparing for the session and following is the account of the evening sent to me by John.


“Hi Larry, as discussed Kim and myself attended Fast Eddies on Sunday (1st March) and conducted a session on Rules and Refereeing. This was a huge success and met with surprising enthusiasm. The focus was based on 'C and D' grade players and as a result was aimed at the most likely areas of difficulty they face when playing and refereeing, both with rules and refereeing. The value was clear from the start because as has been in the past, the debate often included what 'my mate told me' as opposed to the correct interpretations. After covering items such as Free ball, Jump shots, Spotting colours when difficult and the dreaded Foul & a Miss rule, the attention turned to refereeing and the responsibility that goes with it. Copies of relevant rules were handed out and we also left a copy of the ‘Officials’ section of the rule book which set out what the referee is authorised to do when required to handle certain situations. I must highlight that they were definitely left with the feeling that not many Foul & Misses should be called in those grades, or if at all, when playing out of snookered situations . This session was enjoyable and the amount of interest shown was really encouraging. The Manager of Fast Eddies also attended for a while and personally thanked Kim and myself for coming down, conducting the seminar and representing the V.B.S.A. which was a nice touch. What I realised during the experience is that by the way we conducted this seminar, we were addressing a fair bit of player responsibility and behavior whilst playing Pennant and more of that will be a strong benefit to the V.B.S.A. I am sure.”


If you would like your club to be involved in this program and if you have specific areas that you feel needs to be addressed please outline them and let us know by use of the contact details for either myself or John on the right hand side of this page.

By: Larry Eforgan  Tue 3rd Mar 2015 - 8:14AM

Victorian Under 21 Titles

The Victorian under 21 tournament for both Snooker and Billiards was held over the weekend ending Sunday 1st March. Jon Loughron was the tournament director and he was very ably assisted by Denis Coghlan.

The Snooker tournament was won by Ryan Thomerson who defeated Callum Murphy in the first semi final by a score of two frames to one, this being a best of three match. Denis was in charge of this semi whilst Jon put on his jacket (in his words) to take charge of the other. This was won two frames to nil by Adam Bleumink in competition with Emran Ali.

Some of the early rounds were also refereed by our professionals even though the format for this tournament was to be a self refereeing one for the protagonists

The grand final between Adam and Ryan, which was won by Ryan 3 – 0 was refereed by Denis.

Denis was also on hand to adjudicate the Billiards final on Sunday which was won by first time player Emran Ali after a quick lesson before hostilities commenced. Well done to him and a very well done to Jon Loughron and Denis Coghlan who should be commended for their enthusiasm and commitment to this event.

By: Larry Eforgan  Mon 2nd Mar 2015 - 4:21PM

Guidelines for Rule 14 for D Grade Pennant

Despite any instructions to the contrary all official rules (as well as all the V.B.S.A. playing conditions) apply to all grades. This includes Section 3 Rule 14 which covers the Foul and a Miss instructions. The rule is to be administered as stated in the rule book. The main issue to remember with this rule in D grade is that all players acting as referees must be fair to all players and to take into consideration the difference in skill of the D grade players, which by definition must be lesser than higher grades. With this in mind and only when in snookered situations, all referees are admonished to be very open in their opinions when assessing genuine attempts at an escape.

When snookers are required to win a frame then a miss cannot be called.

In D grade 90% of the fouls caused by snookers should not be called a miss.

Referees must take into consideration whether the player from any snookered situation has struck intervening balls not on. A miss must be called unless the stroke is beyond the capabilities of the striker.

(A good rule of thumb for this situation is to consider if the snookering ball or balls are closer to the ball on or to the cue ball. If the former is the case then some leniency may be allowed and if the latter, then the escapee has more opportunity to avoid the offending obstruction and it should not be struck.)

Referees must take into consideration whether the player from any snookered situation has hit the stroke with enough force to reach a ball on. A miss must be called unless the stroke is beyond the capabilities of the striker.

The instructions in both the sentences above must be enforced if there is a straight line path from the cue ball to any part of a ball on but can also be ignored by referees if in their opinion the stroke was difficult enough to be beyond the capabilities of the player. An example of this would be if the cue ball was tight to a cushion and the ball on was only able to be struck at its finest edge and was some distance away. Other examples may also apply.

The skill level of the striker in any grade must be taken into account when making a call of Miss but is not a reason to avoid it.

Larry Eforgan. Director of Referees.

By: Larry Eforgan  Sat 21st Feb 2015 - 5:41PM

ABSC Anti doping policy

ASADA has approved the 2015 ABSC Anti Doping Policy which is effective 1 January 2015. All players should be aware that this policy has been included as a condition of membership and will be included in all tournament entry forms. In particular, the top players (junior and senior) who often represent Australia overseas should ensure they are well informed on this subject.  It is their responsibility to be free of drugs and substances and to know exactly what is prohibited.

By: Alan Croft  Thu 15th Jan 2015 - 1:13PM

VIC Referee Activity 2014

I have uploaded a PDF of the stats for the work done in 2014. I do not have individual details for CofM as I wasn't there on the Sat and Sun. But all referees who officiated have a "Y" against their name. The same format is used for other events where I do not have more details. If I have missed anyone, please let me know so I can amend it forthwith. Thanks for all the hard work in 2014...

By: Michael D'Silva  Fri 9th Jan 2015 - 8:03AM

WPBSA Rules Changes Aug 2014

Please see attached "Information" for recent changes to the rules of snooker and billiards. The PDF will give you a quick overview and a complete copy of the rules may be downloaded from World Snooker's website. A new flowchart to assist with application of the Foul & A Miss rule has also been provided. This is from the Sussex referees' manual, a very handy reference for anyone wanting to learn more about the rules of Billiards and Snooker.

By: Michael D'Silva  Wed 17th Sep 2014 - 3:52PM

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