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Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria


(Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.)
Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria
Calendar of events - All Events for 2017

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Proposed calendar for 2018
Queensland Snooker Open Start: Jan 26 Finish: Jan 29 Close: na More
Billiards Australia Friday night Flyer Start: Feb 3 Close: na More
South Australian Open Billiards Start: Feb 4 Finish: Feb 5 Close: na More
Andrews / Atkins Shield Start: Feb 24 Finish: Feb 26 Close: na More
2016 Pennant Snooker Season Start: Feb 27 Close: Feb 17 More
Victorian 6 Red Championship Start: Mar 4 Finish: Mar 5 Close: na More
Oceania Start: Mar 8 Finish: Mar 18 Close: na More
Vic U21 Snooker C'ship Start: Apr 1 Finish: Apr 2 Close: Mar 27 More
Australian Under 21 Championships Start: Apr 6 Finish: Apr 9 Close: Mar 29 More
No Play VBSA pennant Start: Apr 17 Close: na More
Sydney Open Billiards Start: Apr 21 Finish: Apr 23 Close: na More
Australian Masters Snooker Championship Start: Apr 26 Finish: Apr 30 Close: na More
Aust National 6 Red Start: May 4 Close: na More
Tasmanian Open Start: May 5 Finish: May 7 Close: na More
City of Melbourne Start: May 19 Finish: May 21 Close: na More
Victoria Masters Invitational Snooker Tournam Start: May 28 Finish: May 28 Close: na More
Lance Pannell Classic Start: Jun 10 Finish: Jun 12 Close: na More
Aust National and Open Billiards C'ship Start: Jun 13 Finish: Jun 21 Close: na More
Victorian Junior Championships Start: Jun 24 Finish: Jun 25 Close: na More
Mitchell Billiards Australian Junior Academy Start: Jul 8 Finish: Jul 9 Close: na More
Mitchell Cup and Australian Junior Championships Start: Jul 10 Finish: Jul 15 Close: na More
Victorian State Snooker & Womens Snooker Champions Start: Jul 22 Finish: Jul 23 Close: Jul 16 More
Fred Osbourne Memorial Classic Start: Aug 4 Finish: Aug 6 Close: na More
Australian National Snooker Start: Aug 18 Finish: Aug 20 Close: Aug 10 More
Billiards & Willis Snooker season (S2) Start: Aug 21 Finish: Dec 6 Close: Aug 13 More
Australian National Womens Snooker Championship Start: Aug 25 Finish: Aug 27 Close: na More
August One-day Billiards Ranking Tournament Start: Aug 27 Finish: Aug 27 Close: Aug 18 More
Illawara Open Billiards Start: Sep 2 Finish: Sep 3 Close: na More
South Pacific Open Start: Sep 8 Finish: Sep 10 Close: na More
Pot Black Open Start: Sep 29 Finish: Oct 1 Close: na More
Victorian Billiards Championship (Timed) Start: Sep 30 Finish: Oct 6 Close: Sep 22 More
IBSF Australian Womens Open Start: Oct 7 Finish: Oct 10 Close: na More
Bob Hawke AC Australian Open Start: Oct 12 Finish: Oct 15 Close: na More
Reventon Finals Start: Oct 28 Finish: Oct 29 Close: na More
Victorian 150-up Billiards Championship Start: Nov 4 Finish: Nov 5 Close: Oct 27 More
Queensland Open Billiards Start: Nov 10 Finish: Nov 12 Close: na More
December One-day Billiards Ranking Tournament Start: Dec 3 Finish: Dec 3 Close: Nov 24 More