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VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.


(Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.)
VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.
Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria
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Oldest, Youngest, Longest, First

Robbie Ganson, in his seventies took on Marc Fridman, 15 going on 16, in a first round match at this year's Australian National Championships.

It started at 2 p.m. on Friday, as did all the other 1st. round matches, but they were long over by the time this one finished, well past 8 p.m. with Robbie the eventual winner by four frames to three.

Two matches of best of seven frames were played on each of the 8 tables in the magnificent room at the R.A.C.V. with conditions as perfect as they could be for this most prestigious of tournaments.

A long and tiring day for all concerned eventuated on Saturday but worthy of the effort both for the administrators, referees and the players who were witness to some very high class snooker. Steve Misfud (twice), Aaron Mahoney and Shaun Dalitz all managing to pass the century mark in individual breaks. There were also 29 other 50+ breaks made during the weekend. All in all performances that matched the occasion.

The final matches for the day were the quarter finals which produced the match ups of James Mifsud vs. Adrian Ridley, won by Adrian 4 - 1, with breaks of 59 and 52 to James and a 63 by Adrian.

Steve Ebejer took on Ryan Thomerson and recorded a 4 - 2 victory with breaks of 64 and 59 to Ryan and a 42 from Steve.

The 3rd quarter was between Aaron Mahoney and Shaun Dalitz with a very speedy Aaron potting almost disdainfully and recording breaks of 105 and 63 in his 4 - 2 win and Shaun also showing his class when he got the opportunity, joining Aaron in recording a century in this match, 101 in the 5th frame.

The last match of the day was between Steve Mifsud and West Australian Ben Judge. Steve running out the winner 4 - 2 and recording a break of over 40 in every one of his winning frames.

The best of 9 semi finals and the best of 11 final were held on Sunday. Aaron Mahoney took on Steve Mifsud and Adrian Ridley played Steve Ebejer.

Aaron continued his fast playing style from the previous day which worked to perfection in the first two frames but Steve Mifdsud is one who is never phased by such experiences and held his nerve and his game to catch and then overhaul Aaron with a 5 frame unbroken run to see him into the final and a chance to become the all time record holder for National Title victories.

The other semi was a little bit of a procession with Adrian on fire and playing the kind of snooker that saw him with a wild card entry into the Goldfields Open three years ago. Steve, having also played some of the best snooker of his career in this tournament, could not keep that going in the face of some spectacular play by Adrian with the match finishing 5 - 0.

The final, overseen by referee Praveen Chandra taking on the National Title showpiece for the frist time, was worthy of both of these luminaries of Victorian snooker. Steve Mifsud not quite finding the form that won him a world championsip, is nevertheless a formidable opponent and Adrian finding that his form, in his words, was fluctuating in each frame between being capable of century breaks to not being able to string three pots together. In the end there was nobody who could deny that his good form overcame his bad and that he is a deserving winner of his first Australian National Championship, dedicated in his victory speech to his recently deceased aunt.

Congratulations ADRIAN RIDLEY. 2017 Australian Snooker Champion by 6 frames to 3.

By: Larry Eforgan  Mon 21st Aug 2017 - 10:48AM

Ron Cole - A Legacy

Following is a speech by George Hoy at the 2017 AGM about his great mate and our immediate past President, Ron Cole. 


Ladies and Gentlemen

Throughout its history the VBSA has been very fortunate to count amongst its members some special individuals.

These are people who not only love the game but also seek to give something back so that others can likewise enjoy billiards and snooker in Victoria.

And our Association has a very appropriate way of acknowledging those rare individuals who make an exceptional contribution.

Life Membership of the VBSA is the ultimate accolade we can bestow on someone in recognition of such contribution. And because it is such a special recognition, it is never granted lightly.

Tonight, however, I am delighted to say that we are adding a new name to the ranks of Life Membership.

His continuous involvement in Victorian Billiards and Snooker spans over 35 years. Throughout that time he has been a dedicated supporter of the game at all levels. Most importantly, however, he has – for the past 17 years – taken on the role of VBSA President. It is a term of office that very few could lay claim to and one for which I think we all owe him a great debt of gratitude.

What better way then, to express that gratitude, than by announcing the newest Life Member of the Victorian Billiards and Snooker Association ……………….. Ron Cole. 


By: Mark Dunn  Fri 18th Aug 2017 - 7:15PM

A Change of Guard

At the 2017 VBSA AGM on Wednesday 16th August, a few new faces and a few old faces emerged.  After 17 years at the helm, Ron Cole stood down (more on that in a 2nd post) and the eminently qualified Paul Cosgriff was elected your new President.  Jon Loughron (Vice President), George Hoy (Treasurer) & Mark Dunn (Secretary) are going around again.  But the biggest change was that joining Jason Colebrook on the Board are Steve Ebejer & Warwick Loton.  Congratulations to all Board Members and a big thank you to those who nominated but were unsuccessful; your contribution will be sought after.

By: Mark Dunn  Fri 18th Aug 2017 - 7:07PM

WPBSA Course for Billiards Coaches

A first outside the UK. On Thursday 21st September, at the Reventon Academy. The course will be supervised by World Billiards Ltd. head coach Martin Goodwill, a multiple winner of the English Championship and author of billiards instruction books.

Successful applicants, on completion of the process, will be ABSC recognised WPBSA billiards coaches.

More details can be found here:

Please consider helping us to grow the game.

By: Jason Colebrook  Mon 14th Aug 2017 - 6:00PM

August One-day Billiards Ranking Tournament

Ian Gilbee wins, defeating Jason Colebrook in the final. High break Ian Gilbee 110.

Full results will be posted mid-week.

By: Jason Colebrook  Mon 14th Aug 2017 - 5:58PM

Vale Ron Atkins OAM

The Andrews/Atkins Team Challenge played annually between Tasmania and Victoria will have a deeper and sadder meaning following the passing of Ron Atkins OAM, long a Tasmanian stalwart and legend of our sport and who earned the respect and affection of his peers and challengers. Deepest sympathy to his family from his sporting family and friends at the VB & SA.

Ian Dale attended Ron's funeral and presented a wreath on behalf of the VBSA.  The following is a message from Leanne Atkins, Ron's wife, following the funeral.

Letter of Thanks,

Dear Mr Dunn,

I would like to acknowledge and thank the Board of the VBSA for their kind donation  made on your behalf by Ian Dale, at the recent passing of my husband and former Victorian Snooker Champion, Ron Atkins.

With sincere gratitude,

Leanne Atkins.


By: Larry Eforgan  Mon 7th Aug 2017 - 1:18PM

VBSA Patron

After quite a few years without one, I am delighted to announce that The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria, has very graciously agreed to be the Patron of the VBSA.  

So watch out for our new stationery and website banners and perhaps the opportunity to promote some of our major events in the magnificent Billiard Room at Government House.

Please also read the attached letter from the Governor, which sends a very important message about recognition of our "quiet achievers".  Perhaps even the "not so quiet achievers".

By: Mark Dunn  Sun 6th Aug 2017 - 3:20PM

Reventon’s Chris Christofi talks with the VBSA

VBSA Media Officer, Kim Ivett, recently caught up with Chris Christofi for an interview. See the attachment for the very interesting & insightful outcome.

By: Mark Dunn  Thu 27th Jul 2017 - 8:38AM

2017 State Titles

A competition that was started at the Yarraville, Brunswick and Cheltenham clubs on Saturday morning where 56 men and 10 ladies vied for the prestigious and very competitive Victorian Championships, while presenting some administrative challenges nevertheless proved to be successful and enjoyable. With both the new Reventon Academy room at Yarraville and the revamped room at Brunswick bearing very little resemblance to when these championships were first held, the history of the titles was still there to be admired with some very evocative names, especially on the mens trophy and the nostalgic photos in both rooms.

The play itself was worthy of the history and the effort with some very high class snooker on show including many excellent breaks. These included an 80 from Jason Black, a 96 from Rudy Sulaeman, although he did admit to a fluke in the middle of it, and the top break of the tournament from a very in form Johl Younger, of 125.

The ladies had their competition at Cheltenham which was overseen by Jon Loughron who was also hand on Sunday at Brunswick to referee one semi final and then to take charge of his first ranking final. Caroline Ruscitti took on the formidable opponent that is Theresa Whitten and it proved to be a very tight affair that went down to the wire with every scheduled frame being played. Theresa took the first and the third for a 2 - 1 lead but Caroline secured her first title by taking the penultimate and final frames of a very hard fought match.

The winner of the mens draw was James Mifsud winning his second title after a nine year gap. His quarter final being a walk over after his opponent could not be at the venue in time and was forced to forfeit, James had no table time on the day before his semi final against Johl Younger but this did not put any sort of falter in his step as he posted a 4-0 victory in almost record time.

His opponent in the final was Charlie Chafe who came through a tough semi 4-3 against Rudy Sulaeman playing at the top of his game, with the help of a couple of fifty breaks in 2nd and 7th frames.

The final was then played alongside the ladies final with the winning score 5 - 2 to James, again in record time, 3 big breaks and some awesome potting skills.

By: Larry Eforgan  Mon 24th Jul 2017 - 10:39AM

VBSA finals

Grand Final Results


Monday 31st July Billiards - Brunswick Club

AVB / A State Billiards - Geelong 2 were defeated by Kooyong 6 - Steve Mifsud 203


Monday 31st July Snooker - VBSA Headquarters / Reventon Snooker Academy

AVS1 / A State Snooker - Hitmen 7 defeated Cheltenham Pirates 6 - Gus Di Giorgio 51

CVS1E / C State Snooker  East - Hit & Run 7 defeated Bentleigh 1

CVS1W / C State Snooker West - Bentleigh Bandits 2 were defeated by Nth Brighton 7 - Neville Ingels 20

DVS1 / D State Snooker - Star Wars 7 defeated  Maccabi  Champions 2 - Rob Alexander 25


Wednesday 2nd August - VBSA Headquarters / Reventon Snooker Academy

APS / A Premier Snooker - Brunswick 10 defeated Team Reventon 8 - Rudy Sulaeman 85

BPS / B Premier Snooker - Yarraville Champs were defeated by Brunswick 10 - 9 Phil Vassalo 49

CPS / C Premier Snooker - Box Hill RSL 5 were defeated by Stars 7


An extremely competitive final series at the new VBSA headquarters / Reventon Snooker Academy. Congratulations to the winners, maybe next year for the defeated. Thank you all for your participation. Thanks to Larry and his band of referees for their excellent work in the final series.


Have you got your team entry ready for next season?

By: Alan Croft  Thu 20th Jul 2017 - 1:57PM

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