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The Princes Cup. A successfull tournament that attracted Australia's best over many years. Unfortunately the Princes Club is no longer trading.

Year Winner Runner up High Break By Break Venue If not run in this year, reason why
2011 Vinnie Calabrese James Mifsud Steve Mifsud 137 Princes
2010 Joe Minici Steve Mifsud Steve Mifsud 110 Princes
2009 Rudy Sulaeman Robby Foldvari Roger Leighton 102 Princes
2008 Robby Foldvari Daniel Thorp James Mifsud 96 Princes
2007 James Mifsud Adrian Ridley Shared by 4 players 82 Princes
2006 Aaron Mahoney Steve Mifsud Aaron Mahoney 92 Princes
2005 Steve Mifsud Glen Wilkinson Steve Mifsud / Glen Wilkinson 121 Princes
2004 Aaron Mahoney Joe Minici Peter Hawkes 104 Princes
2003 Aaron Mahoney Robby Foldvari Rudy Sulaeman 104 Princes
2002 Johl Younger Neil Robertson Steve Mifsud 121 Princes
2001 Johl Younger Stan Gorski Johl Younger 125 Princes
2000 Robby Foldvari Johl Younger Johl Younger 133 Princes
1999 Robby Foldvari Johl Younger Rudy Sulaeman 111 Princes
1998 Robby Foldvari Shawn Budd Brett Rogers 137 Princes
1997 Steve Mifsud Shawn Budd Paul Balzer 137 Princes
1996 Johl Younger Glen Wilkinson Neil Robertson 110 Princes

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