Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.

Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria

VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.


(Victorian Billiards & Snooker Association Inc.)
VBSA Patron: The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.
Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria
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Season commences May 2nd
See 2023 Fixture under the Information heading. Best of luck to all clubs and players for the 2023 season.
Welcome to The Kelvin Club
The VBSA is delighted to welcome the Kelvin Club back into the VBSA CIty Clubs Circuit after a break of 30 years. The Kelvin Club was a founding member of the CCC, playing in the 1990 and 1991 seasons before dropping out. We wish them all the best under their captain David Catterall in their comeback season. Visit The Kelvin Club for Club information.
Online Membership Form
You can now submit your VBSA Membership Form online! Just click on the "VBSA/CCC Online Membership Form" button above. We recommend you use this method as it's easier (no scanning/photos and emails), faster (you get instant confirmation your form has been received) and reduces errors. If you have any questions about this please email If you are not able to use the online method, please contact the VBSA Score Registrar via email at to arrange an alternate method.
Melbourne Club Premiers
Congratulations to the Melbourne Club, back-to-back City Clubs Circuit Premiers after defeating the Athenaeum Club 5-3 in a close Grand Final at the Melbourne Club. The winning team was Steuart Roe & Warwick Loton (billiards) and Doug Francis & Hugh Gengoult-Smith (snooker) ably captained by Nick Brasch.

Highest breaks for the season were Glynn McConnell (RACV) 96 in billiards, and Paul Bray (Athenaeum) 39 in snooker.

Many thanks to all clubs for great spirit in which the competition was played, and to the VBSA Registrar Mark Dunn for his sterling support throughout the season.
Max Earle Sportsmanship Award
To honour the late Max Earle, a stalwart of the VBSA City Clubs Circuit since its inception in 1990 for the Naval & Military Club and the RACV Warriors, the team captains have voted to institute a Sportsmanship Award bearing his name. At the conclusion of every match, each captain will nominate on the scoresheet a player from the opposing team who best displays the principles of sportsmanship and fair play. The tied winners for 2022 were John Isaac (Australian) and David Pitt (RACV).
Dress code
Athenaeum Club, Australian Club, Melbourne Club, Savage Club: jacket and tie.

Kelvin Club, Kooyong LTC, RACV, Royal South Yarra LTC: smart casual.

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