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2022 Second Season:
Week 14 results are now in and qualification for the semi-final, prelim final and grand final are detailed.
Looking for a game of snooker?
New to Snooker or keen to get back into cue sports? We are looking to add new players in the Monday and Tuesday grades. ENQUIRE NOW! Just click the "View" link for Team Contacts and you will find our Committee Member's contact details.
New Life Member
At the AGM, 8th February 2022 Past President, Vice President and member of the Association for 43 years Dennis Dearsley was appointed as Life Member.
Our Clubs are welcoming and friendly. You can join as a Social Member for a small outlay and enjoy the facilities. Your membership goes to a good cause.
Player Lists are Final for this Season
Teams for the start of round 5 are the final lists for this season unless special dispensation is given.
Email scores to the Score Registrar at dvsascores@gmail.com
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Constitution 2020
Bylaws, Rules & Regulations 2020
Team Contacts
Financial Statement Second Half Year 2021
2022 2nd Season Starting Handicaps
2022 - Second Season Fixture
Score Sheet
Ladders, Handicaps and Results
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Life Members, Induction Dates and Notable Achievements
Life Members Currently Registered:
Dennis Dearsley, 2022, President, Vice President
Max Smith, 2005, Secretary
Chris Lambert ,1992, Score Registrar, Secretary
Tony Bowden, 1988, Secretary, President
Life Members who have passed:
Tom Lenon, 2013, Long standing player and for assistance to the league
Alex Spencer, 2011, Long standing player and for assistance to the league
Arthur O'Neill, 2010, Long standing player and for assistance to the league
Frank George, 2010, Long standing player and for assistance to the league
John Ward, 2009, Vice President, President
Des Ponsford,1984, Score registrar, Treasurer, Handicapper, President
Charlie Hibbert, 1982, Secretary, Treasurer, President
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