(Metropolitan Snooker & Billiards Association)
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MSBA Contact & About

Board Members and contact details
Brett Porter: President
Phone: 0419 113484
Paul Bray: Secretary
Phone: 0407 948938
Paul Bray: Treasurer
Phone: 0407 948938
George Skoutas:
Phone: 0488 527770
Gisela Kriek:
Phone: 0477 966798
Jeff Goldsworthy:
Phone: 0422 358188
Richard Shacksnovis:
Phone: 0475 743445
About the MSBA
MSBA (Metropolitan Snooker & Billiards Association) offer handicap Snooker and Billiard Competitions across 2 seasons per year, summer & winter. 4 player teams compete on a Tuesday night at venues across Melbourne. In summer, the Billiard competition is played on a Thursday night.