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Representing & Developing Billiards & Snooker as a sport in Victoria
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Neil Robertson VIP tickets sold out
VIP tickets now sold out
General admission tickets still available on our store here
We expect the general tickets to go even more quickly now. If you wish to be part of this fantastic event get in quickly.
By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 27th Nov 2023 - 9:37PM

The Thunder is back

Join us for a unique evening with Neil Robertson, World Champion, and Triple Crown Winner — the finest snooker talent ever produced by Australia. Witness the elite play that has placed Neil at the top of the game for over 15 years.


Beyond the green baize, there's plenty to enjoy. A variety of food and drinks available throughout the evening as well as raffle prizes, and opportunities to meet Neil in person for valid ticket holders.


Act quickly to secure your spot for a chance to challenge Neil — a rare opportunity to share the table with one of the sport's greats. With only six playing experience draw spots to be claimed, it’s an opportunity as rare as a maximum break. Purchase your playing experience draw with your tickets at the VBSA store  


Time is ticking, and availability is limited. Don’t miss your chance to spend an evening with our Melbourne-grown snooker champion.


Buy tickets at the VBSA shop here

(arena seating plan & event poster below)

By: Alec Spyrou  Thu 16th Nov 2023 - 11:36AM

2023 Pot Black Champion

Steve Mifsud is the 2023 Pot Black champion. Steve defeated Johl Younger 4-2 in a riveting final. Johl played masterful snooker putting together multiple big breaks in the final resulting in a very high quality match. Well done to all players in this tournament and the officials and volunteers who staged the event. Full results here All the streams here

By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 13th Nov 2023 - 7:37AM

Women's Billiards workshop
Julie and the team do it again. Another brilliant Women's Billiards workshop The numbers are growing and everyone is enjoying our wonderful sport. Thanks to Steve Mifsud and others supporting the day.


See our video summary of this great event on our VBSA YouTube channel here

Photos of the event can be found here
More to come, watch this space!
By: Alec Spyrou  Wed 8th Nov 2023 - 4:15PM

2023 Victorian 150-Up Billiards

Rod Nelson 3-0 over John Schenck is Victorian 150-Up Billiards Champion! Rod defended his Title from last year, making breaks of 44, 108 and 85 unfinished in the Final. The 108 is the Highest Break of the weekend.

Thank you to all players and Referees, especially our Director of Referees, Larry Eforgan.

Attached image shows John, Referee Jon Moss & Rod.

Paul Cosgriff (Tournament Director)

By: Alec Spyrou  Tue 24th Oct 2023 - 12:35AM

Try the new VBSA calendar features


One stop shop for all your 2024 competitions

The 2024 calendar will include all the events for the VBSA, ABSC, NSW, QBSA & Pool Victoria.

This has taken a lot of coordination & effort. Also we expect to release the 2024 calendar very soon. 


Find events more easily

With so many events in the calendar

you can now filter the calendar based on

State & Ranking type.


Try the new VBSA calendar

By: Alec Spyrou  Tue 17th Oct 2023 - 9:29PM

Victoria v NSW RSL Snooker & Billiards Carnival

This week the Victorian RSL clubs hosted the Annual Victoria v NSW Snooker & Billiards Carnival.

The Carnival was started in 1947 by 1st & 2nd World War Veterans, and the rivalry has been going for many years, excluding the COVID.

There were approx. 44 competitors competing all week from Victoria & New South Wales.

The carnival concluded on Friday 13th October with a dinner function at Hampton RSL.

Overall results; Vic 46 to NSW 34.  Jim Collins Perpetual Billiards; Vic 26 to NSW 14.  Jim Barnes Perpetual Snooker; Vic 20 to NSW 20 (retained by NSW as trophy holder).  Well done the Vics!!

A group photo of all competitors is attached.

Here is the LINK to the detailed results.

By: Mark Dunn  Fri 13th Oct 2023 - 8:06PM

Vale Geoff Druce

Australian Billiards has lost an unsung servant of billiards and snooker with the death in Melbourne of RACV Club billiard room manager Geoff Druce at the age of 71. Geoff joined the RACV Club in his twenties and clocked up nearly 50 years service to that Club, the great majority of that time as supervisor or manager of the billiard room and bar.

Geoff took great pride in maintaining the eight tables at the RACV Club, firstly at their 123 Queen St premises and since 2005 at the Club's 501 Bourke St premises. During his career he brushed, padded and ironed well over 10,000 billiard tables, always at an unhurried pace, never rushing. His secret sauce was to iron one side of a table, then re-heat the iron so that it was equally hot for both sides of the table. While the iron re-heated he would start brushing and padding the next table. During major tournaments including the 1998 and 2019 World Billiards Championships, Geoff ensured that the tables were prepared to the highest standard before each day's play.

Geoff knew all the regular members and visitors to the billiard room, and greeted them by name, in the early days as "Mr. So-and-so" and more recently by their first name. Always courteous and considerate, it was always a great pleasure to see Geoff's smiling face behind the bar or in the billiard room. He will be greatly missed.

Geoffrey Francis Druce, billiard room manager, born 15/02/1952, died 3/10/2023

(Post courtesy of Billiards Australia)

By: Mark Dunn  Tue 10th Oct 2023 - 7:10AM

*NEW* VBSA Quarterly scorecard (Q1 July - Sept)

As per the last AGM the VBSA Board promised to work hard to help grow our sport and to be more accessible and transparent to its members. 


We are happy to announce our first quarterly scorecard (see attached).


These will be sent out each quarter and if you have any feedback please contact us at
By: Alec Spyrou  Mon 2nd Oct 2023 - 12:04AM

Share ideas to grow our sport

To utilise the huge collective experience of our members we are happy to announce VBSA members ideas


It is only 1 question, you can post your ideas anonymously.

Post as many ideas as you wish, you will find a VBSA member ideas button in the list of buttons on the left side of our home page.


We will share the ideas with you all & review which we can mobilise.

To share your ideas please click VBSA members ideas.

By: Alec Spyrou  Sat 30th Sep 2023 - 9:14PM

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